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Let’s make a Zzzzzzooooommmbie!

As the kids were off school today and it has been freezing cold outside, we decided to concentrate on indoor activities! ‘Ice Age, Continental Drift’ seemed an appropriate movie and we have just borrowed it from the library. Fake fur stuffies were the plan, so I dragged all the furry fabric out. Bodhi started to draw the stuffie he wanted to make and it turned out to be a zombie.  A zombie with a saggy head no less.  So the Zombie was sketched, and a ‘pattern’ was cut.  Very Project Runway, but we don’t need L’Oreal hair and make up for a zombie! Paper zombie Flat zombie He has a heart of course. Bodhi stuffing Zombo the zombie. Zombo is made from fabric from the Upcycle Exchange and recycled clothes from our charity pile! We never did use the fake fur!  Next time.