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The Circle Zine.

I have been zined! Mail is the very best thing when it is not bills or junk, it is the very very best thing when it is a mini book full to the lid with art made just for you. This is what the amazing Zine Squad do, they collaborate with each other and make a zine using their talents and generosity and it ends up with a lucky recipient, this time, it was me.  I was so excited to open my very own zine when it arrived in the mail, I had just got back from vacation and among the junk and adverts, this gem shone out at me! My heartfelt thanks goes to Jules, Vanessa, Ashley and Katie for thinking of me and creating this wonderful artwork. This mini art journal has zipped around the world and back again, gathering art and energy as it goes.  It almost shines with the joy bursting from it! Love love love my zine! Happy Tuesday x       SaveSave

The ‘Artist’ Zine.

I have never collaborated in making a zine before, in fact I have only ever seen a zine on the inter webs, never in real life. I was thrilled when I was asked to join in with a zine being made by the Zine Squad who are a group of art journaling ninjas who leap over the rooftops in the dead of night to gather ideas and techniques for their next zine.  So to be included in this group was a real pleasure, even if I need to work on my ninja moves! What I really enjoyed about the zine was that it came to me from Vanessa and Julia who had already worked on some pages.  The idea is to make some new pages or work with other peoples pages while leaving room for the next artist to work her magic. It felt like I could very easily ruin the whole darn thing which took me a few days to get over.  I mean this zine was heading off for other people to work …