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Weekly Photos 2017. 45/52.

I keep finding painted rocks in the park, here is one I spotted this week. Making penguin snowglobes and taking photos which would never happen, don’t worry about the penguin, they don’t share the same land as polar bears! The silver tree at the St Louis Art Museum is one of my favorites. Very red trees at Forest Park. The Grand Basin at Forest Park. Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 43/52

1. A lovely orange fungi spotted in the woods this week. 2. Dried hydrangea flowers gathered on a dog walk. 3. The last tomato before the cold weather came in with a vengeance. 4. We went to a great estate sale this weekend, I liked the box of cutlery but I didn’t need it! 5. This phone caught my eye, it was behind an open cupboard and not for sale, but it took me right back to chatting with my friends on a phone fastened into the wall. I like the unintended orange theme this week. Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 39/52

1. Shadow of one of the ferns I used to make prints with this week. 2. A mini collection of bits and bobs, including matchboxes, gummed stickers and vintage index cards. 3. Getting ready to photo the prints for a blog post, blu tac and camera at the ready! 4. A circle print on one of the aforementioned index cards. 5. We went for a hike this weekend at Rockwoods Reservation and enjoyed the cooler weather. 6. Sign on the trail. 7. Looking up. 8. Lots of steps! Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 12/52.

1. I have been enjoying painting with ink and a sumi brush, using vintage photos as inspiration in my daily painting sketchbook. 2. The archery club hut on Forest Park. 3. A member of the mounted police department. 4. The back of the hut.  I love the colour! 5. Don’t be afraid of the T-Rex, but don’t climb on him or feed him. 6. An abandoned painting station. 7. The planetarium at the St Louis Science Centre is the same colour as the sky. Happy Monday x