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Watercolor and ink Christmas card.

I like to send out Christmas cards which I have made and this year was no exception. Here’s how I made them.  Watercolor paint in ‘permanent rose’ and white ink (I got mine from our local art store where they mix their own inks – South City Art Supply) is all I used to paint the circles to form the baubles.   I painted very wet circles and dropped on a single drop of ink when they were still wet. Once they were dry, I used a Pigma Micron black pen size 05 to draw in the details. Then I scanned the whole thing and cropped and added text in Photoshop.  You could also photo your decorations and use an app to add text.  Of course if you have lovely hand lettering skills, you can hand write the lettering. There is a little video here on my Instagram feed – catseatdogsmakes. Don’t forget to share if you have a go! Happy Painting and Happy Wednesday x  

One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 37/52.

1. I started a new (another one!) crochet project. I figured that if this blanket is an endless granny square, I should be able to manage it. I wonder how big it will get? It is about the size of a large doll blanket now, maybe teddy bear blanket size. 2. I have been at it again, painting garden veggies right after I picked them. 3. While we walked at Castlewood State Park this weekend I found a rock with a hole which is one of my favorite things (don’t judge). This rock has a hole and the hole is heart shaped! 4. There were also lots of fabulous clouds while we walked. Happy new week to you!