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Ten things to do with a vintage typewriter.

  1. Use it as decoration. 2. Type some letters to some friends. 3. Type over a vintage photo, a poem or a letter to the people in the photo. 4. Type random words, cut them up and make a poem. 5. Take photos of it (they are so stylish even the beige ones are cool). 6. Learn to type properly or at least how your old typewriter works (this is on my list!). 7. ┬áStart that book, type that novel. 8. Write a love letter. 9. Type a joke. 10. Type on some fancy paper, find some vintage typing paper and type on that. Yes, I just got a lovely new/old typewriter and as I wait for a new ribbon for it, I am having all the ideas of things I can do and write with it! Happy Wednesday x SaveSave