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Cool things I have found

Seaweed flowers on the beach. There is a ton of seaweed, and I like that some of it looks like flowers. I spot the pretty ones and take a photo. Never arrange what I find, just take a snap and keep looking. Chips. These chips are yum! Spotted in Trader Joes. Buttons in a lovely box. I must confess I love the box that these buttons are in as much as the buttons. The brass hearts are the reason I had to have them. There are some mother of pearl buttons in here too and a pin!

Kickboxing, zombie fighting, cookie baking ninja

This morning I did my kickboxing/ninja/zombie defense class at the Y and I have to say, it totally flew by. I can’t believe how fast the time went. No doubt sore arms and legs tomorrow, but I love that!  Really, I do, I think it confirms I worked hard, I firmed up some wobbly bits  and now I can make and eat some cookies! Did someone say cookies? Look at what heavenly beast I found in Trader Joe’s this morning.  I only wonder why I didn’t buy a cart full. These should come with a stern warning along the lines of… ‘Do not open until you intend to bake with them. Not even just to try them. You will nibble and nibble and they will all be gone – forever. No cookies.’ They are so good straight out of the packet, forget fancy Christmas M&M’s, just get bags of these for everyone who needs sweets! Job done. You’re welcome. Leave some for me though. I just used all mine in cookies….and nibbling… I am going …

September 2012 Photo A Day

September has been the first month I have done the photo a day ‘challenge’ thrown down by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim blog.   Each day has a word or phrase and off we go and snap a photo to fit.  I used my iPhone 4 for all of the photos and various apps to take the photo or to add finishes to liven the shots up! As I take the photos, they get popped into Instagram (@catseatdogsmakes) and I post on Twitter (@catseatdogsmake). I have also brought them all together here today! There are a couple missing as I have them on Instagram, but they got lost from my phone camera roll and I am not smart enough to get them from Insta onto my computer and into the blog – doh!  I have put some Fat Mum Slim photos and some Hipstamatic here, for a bit of variety.  I have written with are Hipstamatic and the rest are FMS. September in Pictures. T Day 1. ‘You now’ FMS theme. Untangling a GI Joe …