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Weekly Photos 12/52. 2015

1. It’s daffodil time!  We always grab a few bunches when we go shopping through Spring. 2. Bright walls and furniture at Yo My Goodness frozen yoghurt. 3. One of my daily lettering challenge pieces, I quite like this one.  Hopefully I am getting better! 4. The first tree on our street to start to bud and flower. 5. – 7. Yesterday we decided to line all of the cars up on the drive.  And a car loving dinosaur! I hope you had a good week and have a lovely week lined up.  We are on Spring Break for a week and it is supposed to be a week of sun, clouds, rain and thunder.  So we have some outdoor plans and some DVDs to watch including ‘Big Hero Six’ and ‘Night at the Museum-Secret of the Tomb’.  Best get some popcorn!