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Through The Lens Thursday 2014 Greatest Hits

For the complete, full and entire 52 weeks of 2014 I took a photo (or photos) and posted them every Thursday as part of a project called ‘Through The Lens Thursday’ which was thought up by Greta at GFunkified and Alison at Writing Wishing.  I started over at my old blog here and finished up here on Girl Fifteen which is where I will continue. The point of the project was to get us using our DSLR cameras set to manual and on a regular basis, so that we would get some practice and share our masterpieces.  While I am by no means a master photographer,  I have certainly improved my knowledge of the numbers and dials on my camera. The best thing about the project is that it is continuing through 2015!  It is a friendly and do-able project, no daily pressure (I do a daily photo challenge, but I know I would never manage if they all had to be taken on the DSLR) and some great, imaginative prompts which you can find …

Through The Lens Thursday 52/52. Lights.

    The final Through The Lens Thursday of 2014 is ‘Lights’.  I found some cool streetlights while we were walking the dog today, so I snapped them from different angles.  A lovely sunny day with a blue sky.     You will be pleased to know that Through The Lens Thursday will carry on in 2015, our fearless leaders have come up with 52 new prompts.  Check them out here on Alison’s blog. It is has been a great project this year and I know that even through this weekly practice, my DSLR skills have improved. Merry Christmas!

Through The Lens Thursday #51. Loud.

Well, it snowed last night and it is still snowing this morning, not much, just a sprinkle.  It has made everything so quiet though, as I walked through the woods all I can hear is the squirrels scurrying up and down the trees.  Even the shops are quiet.  Not so helpful for today’s prompt which is LOUD! I am sure these headphones can contain loud or block out loud. Next week is the last Through the Lens Thursday and the prompt is Lights. Happy Thursday!

Through The Lens Thursday #50. Pair.

      Can you believe we are at week 50 of 2014.  I hope it has been a wonderful year for you.  I am so pleased I found ‘Through The Lens Thursday’ at the beginning of the year and stuck with it.  I now have almost a year of weekly photos taken on my DSLR. Thanks of course to our fearless leaders, Alison and Greta of Writing Wishing and GFunkified blogs. This week’s prompt is ‘Pair’ so I couldn’t resist these little baby socks which I had saved in my drawer. I must admit I struggled with the numbers on my camera today to get the best result in a low light, grey sky environment.  So, we come to the question, is it cheating when you have a less than ideal picture to throw it into Snapseed or Photoshop or Lightroom and mess with it? I certainly messed with this one! I accidently turned the brightness right up and I liked it.  This photo was edited in Snapseed. Next week is #51 and the …

Through The Lens Thursday #49. Close-Up.

  I pulled a polar bear off the kid’s tree (they have a 2ft one in their bedroom!) and took a close-up of him. Isn’t he cute! Next week’s ‘Through The Lens Thursday’ is ‘Pair’.  I can’t believe that the year is nearly over and so is this project, I hope Greta and Alison (TTLT originators) have something else up their sleeves!  No pressure…..

Through The Lens Thursday 48. Clear.

      We went to a local State Park yesterday and this lovely creek was perfect for this week’s Through the Lens Thursday prompt which is ‘Clear’.  It snowed the whole time we were hiking and it was a super pretty walk through the trees and across the creeks.  I took these photos at the beginning of the walk when the snow was just starting, by the time we were done there was a couple of inches on the ground. Happy Thanksgiving!  

Through the Lens Thursday 46. Shine.

This week’s Through the Lens Thursday prompt is ‘Shine’, so as soon as the sun started to shine through our stained glass windows I grabbed the camera and snapped away.  As I was looking at the pictures, I got the feeling I had done this before.  So I looked back at previous TTLT weeks and there it was, week 8 ‘Window‘.  Time to re-think this week’s picture then. Sunshine I thought, that will be a good ‘Shine’ subject, look up at cloudy skies….. The shower was dripping, so I went to make sure it was properly turned off and there it was, all shiny!  So I gave it a quick wipe over and made sure it wasn’t still dripping. I got into the shower, assumed a strange lunge position directly under it, said a little prayer to the plumbing gods that it not drip onto my camera and snapped this picture.  I like that I am reflected in the shower head and I like that you can’t see the pained look on my face as …