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Through The Lens Thursday #30 Vintage

I just couldn’t decide what to photo for this week’s Through the Lens Thursday. Vintage covers most things I own! So, I decided to work with an old cassette player and a couple of tapes for good measure. I got this player at an estate sale and it needs some work to get it to play properly again. It plays tapes, but they play very slowly, so that it sounds like a drunkard! Remember when a tape got jammed or the player ran out of battery? That is how this baby plays. I never owned a tape player when I was a teen and listening to music on cassettes, I either used the main stereo in the front room (much to my family’s joy I am sure!) or I monopolized the car tape player wherever we went. It was only when I went off to college that I got my very own portable tape player. Yay for the 80’s and early 90’s. To be honest though, I really don’t consider tapes and the relevant playing …

Through The Lens Thursday #29. Four

This week’s Through the Lens Thursday was ‘Four’, so I planned to snap four cupcakes, but we ate one…. We made butter yesterday which was true science in the kitchen and we got buttermilk too, both of which we used in the red velvet cupcakes in the photo. To make the butter I followed the instructions from She Who Rambles and the cupcakes are from the Hummingbird Bakery book. I had to crack out the scales as the book is British and in grams, non of this measuring in cups business. Thankfully the weather has not quite got to melt the frosting temperatures today, so I took the cupcakes outside for their photoshoot. They turned out light, fluffy and delicious which I put down to the homemade butter and buttermilk! Time to put the kettle on for a cuppa and cake methinks. Next week is ‘Vintage’.

One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 20/52

1. We had a 14th birthday this week, yikes a proper teenager in the house now! I made a Strawberry Shortcake Ice cream cake for the occasion. 2. Some of my lavender is catching up with some growing, but this end of the lavender bed is doing so well, I can’t wait to harvest some this year for lavender bags. 3. We went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens this weekend and saw some more lanterns, I love these dandelion clocks (I am not sure that is what they are supposed to be, but that is what they look like to me!). They were super sparkly in the sunshine. 4. While at the gardens we went to visit the koi carp in the Japanese garden where you can buy 25 cents worth of food to throw in. Some of them are giants and look at those mouths all ready for food! I am joining with Meet Me at Mikes for this week’s One+Four=Life post, pop over there to see more snapshots of weeks around the world.

Through The Lens Thursday #20. Round.

I didn’t realize how many round things are in my ‘I like this’ department.  I like my wood rings from Philomena and Ruth, my silver rings made by Kate McKinnon, the two charms on leather which I made yesterday and the string of beads which I will most likely fashion into a bracelet for the summer.  Lots of things to like. I find that I tend to wear the same things for a while, then move onto something else.  At the minute I am definitely into my wood rings and I love a casual leather cord with something gorgeous on it, simply tied at the back. What is your ‘go to’ wearable at the minute?  A favorite scarf or shoes, rings or lipstick!  I am trying to be a big girl and wear lipstick and make up more.  When I say lipstick, I mean tinted lip balm, baby steps. Happy Thursday! Through the Lens Thursday details are here and next week is ‘negative space’ which I assume doesn’t mean the naughty corner….!

How my Garden is Growing.

I thought I would share my little garden today, everything has just started to grow really well.  It is all green green green with a extra touch of green. The sunflowers are growing fast, followed by the tomatoes and rocket.  The kale and chili plants are coming along nicely, chilies always seem to grow so slowly, I am happy I have any leaves at all! My lavender bed didn’t all survive the freezing St Louis winter, but I have a couple of tough plants and I have put some more in the bed to fill it up again.  Hopefully I will get a bumper harvest again this year and make some lavender bags and maybe some lavender infused oil to use in balms and perfumes.  Then it’s fingers crossed for the winter months. The rhubarb is looking good, but I think I need to leave it this year and wait to harvest next year.  Seems a little too long to wait for rhubarb crumble, maybe I will buy some this year and let my little …