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Through The Lens Thursday 23. Sunset.

This week’s ‘Through the Lens Thursday’ was ‘Sunset’, so all week I have been checking the skies like a crazy person around 8.20pm every night to see if we have a pretty sunset.  I caught a couple, but I think I like this photo best.  You can just see the moon peeking out and I like the silhouette of the buildings. This was a new photo taking experience for me, I had no idea which numbers to use to get the sunset and my camera did a bit of complaining (ie refused to take lots of photos, until I got the numbers right!). Here are those numbers ISO 1600, 18.0mm, f/16.0, 1/160s. ‘Through the Lens Thursday’ is hosted by Greta of GFunkified and Alison of Writing Wishing and I am enjoying taking photos with them every week!  Next week is ‘Deep’.        

Sunset and Driller Moon Snails.

We tripped over to Breakwater beach in Brewster to catch a Cape Cod sunset and what a stunner it was. We arrived at the beach about an hour before the sun was due to slink down the horizon. Plenty of time to explore tide pools and check out the Moon snails and Hermit crabs. I liked the buoy’s waiting patiently for the tide to come in. A pretty impressive sunset, thanks Brewster! Here is a lovely slimey Moon snail. I learned that they can drill holes into other shellfish in order to eat them up. Which explains the perfect round holes in some of the shells we have found. Delicious!