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Sun prints revisited

We are getting into the sun prints this summer. Might as well put the scorching sun to good use! The prints we made last week have been made into new pictures with the help of me, some markers and my eight year old son! As we finished drawing on the original prints, Bodhi told me he had already put some more items out to ‘print’! What projects have you got up your sleeve for the summer holidays?

Sun prints

I read about sun prints in a post by Jeanette at Artchoo I think, I honestly can’t remember where I saw the idea, but I am sure it is not my own!  Anyway, go see Artchoo, it is chock full of kids art projects and ideas! We used construction paper and random objects and put them in full sun for the afternoon. After a few hours (about 5), the magic was revealed!  I think there is more we can do with these ‘prints’.  Watch this space (mainly because I haven’t done anything with them yet!). I made a heart with buttons which moved slightly during the process and gave a double exposure effect.  I love the scissors, the blue paper was very successful.   Construction paper fades out so quickly I am sure this would work well in less sun and less time. I see more sun print experiments in our summer break.  What are you up to?  Making lots of art and having a great time I hope!