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‘I like’ Friday, a Creative Day Out.

Last Friday the library where I work was closed so I took myself on a creative day out.  I jumped on the Metro Link and headed to my favorite magazine shop to start my day.  I picked out a couple of mags and went on my way.  Along with my magazines I also had the little sketchbook which I literally made right before I left along with a few pens and a water pen filled with ink (one of my favorite things to use).   Back to the train and off to Forest Park and the St Louis Art Museum not forgetting to stop off and get a rosemary brown sugar latte (so good!) to walk across the park with. The sun was shining and the trees were in their fall colours as I walked across the park to the art museum. Once at the museum I made sure I kept my eyes and ears open.  You never know what you might hear in the galleries!  I made notes in my book and little sketches …

Weekly Photos 35/52

I am a day late with weekly photos this week because of the holiday here in the States, of course this means that I will have no clue what the day is for the rest of the week! 1. A look at my dining table when I have my stuff all over the place as I mess about in my art journals. 2.This giant caterpillar was on the hot pepper plant early this week, we decided to leave him even though he was munching away at the whole plant including the chilli peppers! 3. The very next day the plant was almost bare, by the end of the week he had gone (hopefully to spin his chrysalis and not into a bird’s belly). 4. I indulged in a maple latte before my trip to Forest Park on Wednesday. Fall is coming! 5. A replica of ‘The Spirit of St Louis’ hanging in the History Museum. 6. Saint Louis residing outside the St Louis Art Museum. 7. Art inside the St Louis Art Museum. 8. A …

Go Blog Social. St Louis Conference.

I haven’t been to many blog conferences, in fact prior to the Go Blog Social ‘Content High’ conference last weekend, I had attended Alt Summit in New York City in the summer of 2013 which was frankly a terrifying experience and you can read all about here. You see I am a wallflower, an introvert, I keep myself to myself which is the complete opposite to what I am supposed to be doing at these conferences.  I am supposed to be networking and handing out all of my business cards which for the GBS event were coloring postcards with my details on the back. I did make a good decision before I went this time.  I made myself this (above) little pep graphic which was my screen saver on my phone.  My problem is that when anyone asks what my blog is about, I tend to freeze and then when I find my tongue, out spouts a couple of unclear sentences.  This time I looked over my blog to make sure I knew what I was …

Weekly photos 12/52

1. We walked to an Estate Sale locally this weekend, it was a 2 mile walk each way, but on such a lovely blue sky day, we didn’t mind.  I loved this study and look at that fantastic wallpaper. 2. On the way home from the sale we took a short detour to snap a photo of this sign.  I have admired the arrow for ages now and with this blue sky, how could I resist. 3. A flock of Grape Hyacinths at Forest Park, taken on Easter Sunday. 4. Trees on Art Hill in Forest Park. 5. St Louis Art Museum and the Grand Basin in Forest Park. 6. Lovely willow trees near a bridge in Forest Park. What a pretty weekend it was.  I hope you had a lovely week and weekend. Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 36/52

1. We found a whole dollar in the creek! So we gave it a rinse and hung it out to dry. 2. My parsley is a pot of stalks today, because there were five Eastern Black Swallowtail caterpillars munching away at it all week, there are only two caterpillars left today, I wonder if they will turn into butterflies? I hope so. 3. Mushroom! I love spotting the mushrooms starting to pop up in our woods and this one has a little hole in the roof, I assume so the fairies can let the smoke out from their fireplace! 4. I have been trying to sketch objects more so that I get better at drawing. I watched a repeating pattern class on Skillshare, so I made a little pattern tile which repeats lemons! 5. I spotted this jumping little fella on the Hosta plant this week, I was happy that he sat still while I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture. 6. This weekend we went to the St Louis Swap Meet and snagged …

Weekly Photos 28/52.

1. We had lovely frozen yoghurt in the sunshine alongside the railway tracks. 2. I mixed up photos on the Diana app. 3. My eggplant/aubergine plant has had a couple of flowers but, none of them seem to want to grown into a vegetable. 4. At the weekend we went to Slide the City in St Louis, which was a 1000 ft slip and slide. I did way more slipping than sliding, but it was fun! 5. We caught the MetroLink train to Union Station for sliding, I took this photo on Hipstamatic. 6. On Sunday we met friends at Cafe Osage for brunch. 7. Cafe Osage is part of Bowood Farm shop which has some great stuff. 8.  The cat was not for sale! Phew the weather has got hot hot hot here over the past few days.  Just walking to the gym to get into the pool is a sweat-fest, and I need a water bottle with me to walk to the library!    

One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 20/52

1. We had a 14th birthday this week, yikes a proper teenager in the house now! I made a Strawberry Shortcake Ice cream cake for the occasion. 2. Some of my lavender is catching up with some growing, but this end of the lavender bed is doing so well, I can’t wait to harvest some this year for lavender bags. 3. We went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens this weekend and saw some more lanterns, I love these dandelion clocks (I am not sure that is what they are supposed to be, but that is what they look like to me!). They were super sparkly in the sunshine. 4. While at the gardens we went to visit the koi carp in the Japanese garden where you can buy 25 cents worth of food to throw in. Some of them are giants and look at those mouths all ready for food! I am joining with Meet Me at Mikes for this week’s One+Four=Life post, pop over there to see more snapshots of weeks around the world.