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‘I like’ Friday, a Creative Day Out.

Last Friday the library where I work was closed so I took myself on a creative day out.  I jumped on the Metro Link and headed to my favorite magazine shop to start my day.  I picked out a couple of mags and went on my way.  Along with my magazines I also had the little sketchbook which I literally made right before I left along with a few pens and a water pen filled with ink (one of my favorite things to use).   Back to the train and off to Forest Park and the St Louis Art Museum not forgetting to stop off and get a rosemary brown sugar latte (so good!) to walk across the park with. The sun was shining and the trees were in their fall colours as I walked across the park to the art museum. Once at the museum I made sure I kept my eyes and ears open.  You never know what you might hear in the galleries!  I made notes in my book and little sketches …

Weekly Photos 2017. 45/52.

I keep finding painted rocks in the park, here is one I spotted this week. Making penguin snowglobes and taking photos which would never happen, don’t worry about the penguin, they don’t share the same land as polar bears! The silver tree at the St Louis Art Museum is one of my favorites. Very red trees at Forest Park. The Grand Basin at Forest Park. Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 3/52. 2017

1. We went to Route 66 State Park this weekend and explored in the sunshine! 2. A naturally formed terrarium in an old bottle. 3. Yay for sunshine over the fields. 4. I climbed out of bed early on Saturday to go to a local estate sale and scored this ace tin of buttons and buckles. 5. I also bought a whole fabulous box of vintage travel ‘accordion’ postcards from the same sale.  I bought them to draw and paint on, but I am not sure I can bring myself to! 6 & 7. Two sides of the same painting at the St Louis Art Museum, I love the two colour palettes. 8. One of my favourite paintings at the Art Museum, cakes by Wayne Thiebaud. Happy Monday x

Topping up Creativity.

I am pleased to say that my creativity levels are usually brimming and this week was no different. Just to keep everything bubbling and brewing in my imagination I decided to get myself onto the Metrolink, jump off at Skinker and scamper across Forest Park to the Art Museum. In fact I scampered to the Missouri History Museum first catching a couple of Pokemon on the way (for my son, I know, I am a good/crazy Mum!).  It was a lovely day, not quite cool, but certainly better than it has been in the humidity department. The Little Black Dress exhibit at the  History Museum is about to close, so the pressure was on to see it.  I wandered the dresses for a few minutes, sketched one or two and snapped a couple of pictures. Honestly I was underwhelmed, I mean it did what it said on the can, there were black dresses, but it was nothing amazing. No matter, the St Louis Art Museum had been calling to me all morning, so even though …

Finding Silver Linings in the Pouring Rain when your Umbrella is about to Blow away and your Legs are Wet.

Do you look for the silver linings, or do they find you, or do you just stumble over them in the rain? I found some lovely silver linings yesterday in the rain and clouds. I walked to catch the train amid a slight drizzle and wondered at the fact that I was supposed to be in a raging thunderstorm as predicted by the ever optimistic weather app on my phone, I was not even in need of my umbrella’s help in this rain. As I sat on the train making sure no eye contact was made, I wondered why I didn’t bring a book or at least headphones to listen to a podcast. I find myself in this situation a lot and I still can’t get my brain to remember to bring ‘entertainment’ for my child sized attention span, I need something to do, I am not a sitter and relaxer, I am a listener or a reader or a note writer.  Unfortunately my head is not in agreement and refuses to remind me to …

One + Four = Life. Weekly Photos 38/52.

  We spent a lot of time this weekend on the Metro Link around St Louis, as I don’t drive, this is my main transport when I am out and about.  There are lots of options once you are off the train around Forest Park, so we like to take full advantage. 1. On Friday we decided to visit Forest Park and include the Zoo in the trip.  As the zoo is the furthest point from the train station, we went there first.  We went to see the polar bear who was happily munching away on ice cubes which flowed from his personal ice maker in the enclosure wall.   While we were having lunch this Grackle sat eyeing up the nacho’s! 2. We made our way back across the park and decided to stop off at the St Louis Art Museum for a few minutes of air conditioning and maybe check out a couple of paintings at the same time.  Shortly after entering we got got chatting to one of the museum staff who …

Weekly Photos 40/52

  1. At last the chili peppers are growing!  I only planted them in April….  Now I just hope I get a little crop before the frost comes. 2. I am happy to be harvesting lavender still. 3. Three long or short necklaces, soon to be added to my Etsy shop.  I made me one too (of course) and they are super casual and full of good energies. 4. Woodland floor, Autumn edition. 5. Art at the Metro-Link. 6. Flowers in bloom at the St Louis Zoo. 7.  Elephant fountain at the Zoo all ready for Halloween! 8. I spotted a new favourite at the St Louis Art Museum. I hope you had a fab week and that the week ahead will be wonderful for you!