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Ten on the 10th April 2013

It’s the 10th of April which means it’s going to rain as this is a new rule of Ten on the 10th 2013 apparently.   It has rained on every single 10th this year.  In fairness to the weather, it rained this morning and has stopped now although it is due to rain later.  It also means that I get to take and share ten photos. All of the photos have been taken with my Canon Rebel except the turtle which I snapped with the iPhone.  Messing about was done in Photoshop and Camera+. I took ten photos of the gorgeous tree blossoms on our street in between rain downpours this morning.  The blossoms are so pretty and very short lived.  They will be gone and the trees will be leafy by next week.  I have a love/hate with the blossoms as they are so pretty and photo worthy, but they make me sneeze like a crazy sneezing person! One of the Daffodils peeking up in our garden. This tree looks like it is a …

Snow, snow and snow

I went a little Hipstamatic crazy on Monday when we got a ton of snow. I just ‘shook to random’ for a bunch of snow day photos and ended up with these.   The next day there was even more snow!  The woods were a whole new place with heavy branches across paths and even fallen trees blocking our snowy way.   Then we made Snow Henge!  Once we had rolled one giant snowball, we couldn’t stop.  Rolled and rolled until we could no longer push them.  

First Birthday Today!

I have had this blog for a whole one year.  A whole entire year, keeping at it through the struggles (mainly technical) and the joys (everytime I get a like or a comment, I give a little joyful squeak!).   It has been a very fulfilling year and I have loved working on this blog and improving and building on it. When I started I was flapping around like a fish out of it’s bowl.  Looking back at the castle and weed inside with the water and me outside wondering how to get in.  Gradually I began to swim about again and get to know my castle and the weeds surrounding it.  My fish water has become clearer and clearer in my bloggy fishbowl. I have to thank Pip Lincolne’s JustB blog school and  my fellow students for really boosting me along with the blog.   Sarah at Home to Roost and Lou at Make Do Sew have been constant companions and we all encourage each other with every step. When I first saw Home to Roost, …


New. These beads are new and I am so happy with the colours. I usually have a pretty good idea of the colours I am ordering so I don’t get a nasty suprise. Sometimes when there is an unusual finish on the glass it can be spectacular or spectacularly awful! I have to say that I was hopping with joy when I saw these gorgeous colours. Love love love them and I can’t wait to use them to make new jewels! More new.  Books, DVDs and a CD from the library, new to me, but borrowed for a couple of weeks.  I have to say I am almost always impressed with a trip to the library, so many resources and bang up to date.  What to do first, make something, bake something, read, listen or watch?