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Weekly Photos 2017. 10/52

1. Look up.  A bare tree on the trail.  In no time it will be full of leaves. 2. Our little Star Magnolia tree flowered very early. 3. I found some flowers while walking the dog and popped them in a jar of water. 4. I made a mini journal this week and filled it in one day! 5. Looking up at the old firehouse steps. 6. Snowy woods following the very small amount of snow we had all been preparing for! 7. Snow and tree rings. 8. I was dragged out bottle hunting and we scored a haul!  Some are from the 1930’s and 50’s.  I find it amazing that these bottles have been buried for so many years. Happy Spring Break and Happy Monday x    

Weekly Photos 8/52

Another barmy week of St Louis weather!  Temperatures ranging from the high 70’s at the weekend to a snow day on Wednesday. We have settled in the 50’s and 60’s for the time being, but who can tell! This final week of February has seen the last of the Tinkersketch prompts (I am writing a post this week about this challenge) and the end of my month of drawing houses.  I seem to be jumping onto the monthly challenges this year and March sees the beginning of another sketch a day challenge hosted by Creative Bug and presented by Pam Garrison. Sketchbook at the ready! 1. Ice cream in the warm weather, with the essential hundreds and thousands. 2. We woke up to a snow day on Wednesday. 3. I made some lemon and lime lip balms, they smell so fresh and lovely! 4 and 5. I couldn’t resist buying a fabulous romanesco which we ate dipped in ranch and the rest was added to a stir fry. All after I snapped some photos! I …

Snow Day!

We got woken at 5.35am by a phone call from the school district to say that all of the district schools were closed today.  Snow Day!  We really didn’t get that much snow, so I am not sure why we had the day off, but I heard no complaints in my house. First job was to clear the drive and sidewalk, then off to explore! I took my camera into the garden to see what I could see. A shallow layer of snow was on everything from seed pods to the old Radio Flyer wagon.  

2/52 Weekly photos 2014

Two weeks and no bevvies for me!  Wooohooo.  I just hope that I will be able to announce two months and keep going through the year.  How are your resolutions going?  I can’t really remember the rest of mine to be honest.  That can’t be a good sign. The snow stayed nearly all week and after a nice downpour has nearly all gone now.   Yay.  The sun is out and temps are almost ‘no coat’ this week. I got some pictures of some frost and snow, sweeties and left over Christmas lights.  All of the photos are taken on the iPhone 4. I made some Harissa paste and used all of these chillies!  I am thinking I just made chilli paste to be honest.  It wasn’t as head blowingly hot as I thought it would be.  Pretty good with some salmon though. Digging out the snow cave.  Snowy seeds looking all pretty.Blackberry coffee cake.  Yums. Sweeties galore.

Snow days

Second snow day making it a four day weekend! I hope that turns out to be a good thing and not a cabin fever crazy thing. Just in case you ever need a refreshing cup of snow!  It took from about 10am until 3pm to fill the mugs.  They make good snow castles. The snow came yesterday and is hanging around even though we have had none today. The sun has not graced us with it’s presence, so there is not much ice melting going on, more ice forming. We have ended up with a snow pie effect, crusty on the top and soft underneath which rather confused Pablo this morning. The seconds between him taking a step and his paw breaking through the snow pie crust blew his little brain. He even seemed to spread his little paws out as much as possible to make little doggy webbed feet to enable him to walk on the snow. Didn’t work. It was still a case of step – pause – sink – step – pause …