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Weekly Photos 25/52 and Yellow.

Yellow yellow yelow, that is the colour I was looking for last week.  I found some on toys, at the Metro Link station, in a very bee full tree and water balloons (which look green when they are full!).  These photos are part of the Colour/Color project fearlessly headed up by the fabulous Xanthe and Andrea who both take the best photos you ever did see. A week of slip n sliding, water balloons, cool mushrooms and plenty of rain. 1.  Trying out the new netting on his army helmet. 2.  Teeny tree in our neighbourhood catching the afternoon sun. 3.  Slipping and sliding. 4.  The Edamame tee pee is growing well, we even have a few peas. 5.  Red mushroom in the damp after a massive storm. I hope your Monday is going well and have a fab week!