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3/52 Weekly Photos 2014

I didn’t take many photos this week, the photo a day prompts and a few randoms. So here are the randoms! This was one of the choices for the ‘black and white’ prompt for Wednesday’s photo. I used a different one, but I like the sun flare in this one. Talking of the sun, here it is rising through the trees on our way to school. The sewing machine came out this week to try out a bag pattern I have designed. It has given me lots more ideas for bags now!  Sew sew sew. Yesterday I tried out a S’mores Brownie recipe which is  yums!  It made more than I thought it would, I wonder if it will freeze?  Can you freeze cooked marshmallows?  I might be about to find out. Both of my kids have the flu, so today has been filled with watching ‘Wild Kratts’ and ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’, drinking lots of water and moaning and groaning.  I hope everyone in your house is healthy.

Free motion machine embroidery

This week is ‘Selfish Sewing’ week thanks to Made with Moxie and Imagine Gnats and I promised myself I would embrace it.  One hour a day at the machine, not much to ask of myself, especially as I want to make more fabric lovelies like scarves and bags. Today’s project was my very first go at machine embroidery.  Presser foot off the machine and feeder teeth gone.   Just me and a sewing needle. I did a quick sketch of a tea cup and found instructions in my sewing machine’s manual.  The fabric went into my embroidery hoop and off I went. All of my sewing experience and knowledge was to be ignored and my sewing mind had to expand to welcome this new and strange technique. Drawing with my machine needle became easier as I practiced and practiced.  It is super weird to be able to move the fabric so freely, forwards, backwards, around corners with no stopping and starting to keep the fabric where I need it. My trust was in the embroidery hoop …

1977 Needlework and Crafts

Happy Earth Day! Remember to recycle and reuse. Walk or bike where you can. Plant some vegetables or some flowers or some herbs, or all of them! May your trash can be empty, your legs be strong and your garden green! Talking of recycling, look at this fab McCall’s Needlework and Crafts magazine from Spring 1977.  In 1977 I was seven years old and into ‘Sindy’ dolls and ‘Spirograph’. These crochet flowers are gorgeous and check the fake soil and moss! Creepy or cute? Same question.  I quite like the gangly rabbit, but his teeth look like they want to eat me, or those mice.  Pick the mice Mr Rabbit. Of course I adore these macrame pieces.  I think they are a little bit cool, even the tiles they are photographed on are cool.  I love the statement on the opposite page ‘macrame jewelry is always right!’  Maybe I will steal that tag line for my catseatdogs jewelry! Now, here is something I want to make.  Peas in a pod which unzips!  That place mat …