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Get Messy Season of Lists. Week 4.

Lists lists lists!  Most of these pages did not turn out at all how I had envisioned.  I had no idea where my crazy eyed skull was going and I really didn’t like the ‘Six Months’ base page until I added the yellow and black. It just goes to show, the best thing about art journaling is where you end up and the fun and mess you can create along the way. If you want to know more about the Get Messy Art Journal community, pop over to their website and see if you want to join the fun! Happy Thursday x  

‘Get Messy’ Season of Lists. Week 3

The season of list making continues in the Get Messy community.  I am not sure how I am feeling about the lists yet.  I enjoy a list and I may or may not write them to get through each day, but to use them as art journal fodder may be out of my range.  I don’t normally write much in my sketchbooks, I am more art, less journal. I had a go at drawing a face this week in my journal which I am pleased with. I feel like I have given myself permission to have a go at drawing more in my journal pages.  Some will be spectacularly terrible, but I am hoping to keep practicing and improving! Happy ‘Get Messy’ Thursday!

‘I Like’ Friday. My Art Journal – ‘Get Messy’ Season of lists.

For this week’s ‘I like’ Friday I have been working on some art journal pages using the themes and prompts from the Get Messy Season of Lists. It turned out to be a classic example of nothing going to plan. I was planning to use the same colours in each page and make all five pages work together. First flaw was that I only made three pages (and I really don’t like one of them very much). Once I got my colours out, I did three base pages using the diagonal ‘stripes’ in the corners using different ephemera and still planning to stick to my grey/pink/green/brick red colour scheme.  I ended up using navy instead of red because it was being used on the eye shaped stencil and I really really didn’t want red eyes (not on this spread anyway, maybe on a page which needs creepy red eyes…). As it turned out I didn’t use the colours anywhere else on the pages, so the colour scheme plan went out of the window right behind …

Get Messy Art Journal. The Season of Lists.

I am happy to report I am managing to do some work in my art journal almost every day which is something I have been trying to do since I joined the Get Messy community at the beginning of the year. I rarely start and finish a page in one sitting, mainly because each layer has to dry before I add anything else.  This is another reason that I usually have more than one sketchbook on the go. This first page is one I started over a week ago when I saw the fabulous crane in an old National Geographic magazine.  I added a little gold craft paint to the gesso and glued down my bird.  Then I left it.  For ages. I added the triangle doodles and left it again.  Today I finished the page with one of the list prompts from Get Messy Lists – ‘Mysteries to Explore’.  I jotted down a few mysteries and I am not sure that my bewildered crane has any answers! The top spread started as a watercolor …