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Weekly Photos 2017. 39/52

1. Shadow of one of the ferns I used to make prints with this week. 2. A mini collection of bits and bobs, including matchboxes, gummed stickers and vintage index cards. 3. Getting ready to photo the prints for a blog post, blu tac and camera at the ready! 4. A circle print on one of the aforementioned index cards. 5. We went for a hike this weekend at Rockwoods Reservation and enjoyed the cooler weather. 6. Sign on the trail. 7. Looking up. 8. Lots of steps! Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 47/52

1. We went to a very full, very dusty, very vintage estate sale this week.  True treasure hunting! 2. ‘Fancy work’ box which had a few reels of yarn inside. 3. I didn’t buy much but I did snag this fabulous yo-yo.  I love the colours and the wear on it.  The size is just right too. 4. At the weekend we went to Rockwoods Reservations which is fairly local to St Louis, MO.  This is our favourite trail. 5. The bridge was taken out by a fallen tree so we had to climb down and up the creek bed. 6. Another fallen tree, this one looks as if it has been here a while. 7. Natural finds along the trail. Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 53/52

We have never visited this park before and it looks like we might have to wait a while before we see it when it is dry.  It is both fascinating and macabre to see floods in action close up. Powder Valley park and trail was not under water, so we had a wander along the trails there. I liked the colours and movement of the creek bed here. On New Year’s Day we went to Rockwoods Reservation and walked ‘The trail through the trees’.  These icicles looked like lots of discarded plastic bags from a distance. Lots of rocky faces to be spotted in these rocks at Rockwoods Reservation. How on earth does ice form like this?  There were a few similar formations under a tree, no more ice or frost anywhere around.  It was paper thin, delicate and beautiful. End of the hike, end of the day. I hope you had a great start to 2016!  Happy New Year!

Weekly Photos 48/52. 2014

            Last week was snowy and sunny and cold and warm.  Just as you would expect here in St Louis! It was my birthday and we went for a hike at Rockwoods Reservation which was lovely in the snow.  We liked it so much that we went again to walk a different trail at the weekend when it was nice and warm. 1.  A new bracelet added to my Etsy shop.  I am have a promotion all this week – 25% off with the code ‘ICY25’, pop over and see if there is anything you fancy! 2.  Steps in the snow. 3.  Swamp in the snow. 4.  Grasses at Rockwoods Reservation. 5.  Some impressive lichen. 6.  Reflections spotted while we were fossil hunting in the creek. I hope you had a good week and are looking forward to the week ahead.  We have a 10th birthday in our house this week, so I need to think of cake ideas!

Photo a Day November 2014

  1.  Something Blue.  I spotted this lovely painting in an antique mall.  I think she is super pretty.   2.  I saw this!   3.  Weather.  Great weather for drying a washed hedgehog!   4.  Can’t Live Without.   5.  8 o’clock.  A new park from the top of the hill taken on a rare morning run!   6.  Made me Smile today.  Crunchy leaves!   7.  On the Floor. A frosty leaf.   8.  A Place.  The boy’s ‘base’ in the back garden.   9. Heck yes!   10.  I do this every day.  Try to eat some good stuff!   11.  A set.  Vintage mugs.   12.  Normal.  A bunch of flowers given to me by my friend’s kids, a lovely normal.   13.  Letters.  Hand painted snail mail.   14.  For me.  I made a necklace, for me.   15.  Hot + Cold.  Chilly fox in a hot store.   16.  After.  A snowfall.   17.  Cooking.   18.  I love this.  Making new jewels for my Etsy store.   19. …