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Ten on the Tenth January 2014

The first Ten on the Tenth of the year and the rain has started to wash away the snow.  It has rained all day and now there is a snowy rainy river rushing down the street.  Bye bye snow, you were pretty, but now I need to see the ground. I got stamps today, but I can’t use them. I mean look at them, they are fantastic!  Harry Potter stamps, pictures and everything.  I need stamps again.  Plain stamps. I got out some lovely African Trade beads and some wood and some silver beads today to make a necklace or two.  I got a bit carried away.  I made some long and some short necklaces which will look great with tanks and T’s in the Spring and Summer. It rained and rained today and it still is. Books we are reading at the minute.  Mr.Y is reading Billionaire Boy and I am reading All the Birds Singing.  We are liking them so far. I hope all is going very well where you are.  Happy Weekend!

Beady Heart

For the photo a day, today’s was ‘A Favourite Thing’. I took a picture of a beaded heart at its beginning. I love to make jewelry  and it is exciting when someone buys one of my pieces and then I see them wearing it! Today my making focus is all over the place. I am washing, putting pots away, making a coffee, checking Twitter… and on it goes. I do like the whole social media merry-go-round, but boy, sometimes I wonder whether I need to duct tape myself on or just leap off and hope I hit some soft grass. I don’t like to post the same darn thing on every site, because I think that is boring and apparently I like to make more work for myself.  So I flit about on my little iPhone,  posting a photo,  writing a short sentence on a short sentence site,  or messing about with photo finishes so that the aforementioned photo is an interesting one. Then I feel that I really should be making something, because hey, …