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Weekend Finds

This weekend my favourite antique store was open, it is only open for the first seven days of the month, so you have to get there when you can! This time I didn’t see much I wanted (which is a good thing really!), but I did spot this teeny tiny pot.  I have owned a less ornate one before and found it to be ideal for holding small amounts of ink to dip a brush or pen into. Unfortunately it met it’s end when I dropped it on the kitchen floor, so I was happy to see this one. I thought this was an old salt cellar, but on further research it could be a toothpick holder.  Either way it is the perfect size for a puddle of ink and for two dollars, a bargain! Happy Monday x  

Weekly photos 9/52

Last week was a little warmer and then little colder, and then it snowed…again.  I had a root canal on Wednesday which instead of being the nightmare I was expecting,  dispelled all of the tooth pain I have been having.  Now I just need to drink lots of water to cleanse my pain killer abused liver. I made two bracelets of similar beads and the pictures above are of one of them.  I ordered some new beads and I am super excited to get them, I nearly bounce out the door to greet the mail lady when I am expecting beads in the post!  Will they come today?  I wonder. The colour of the week was orange which was another hard one to find, check out Andrea and Xanthe‘s blogs for some fab colour inspirations. Suddenly every traffic cone everywhere I go pops into my vision!  No, I did not take a photo of a cone… I did find a cool old truck which is parked locally, so I stalked it and got a couple …