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Weekly Photos 53/52

We have never visited this park before and it looks like we might have to wait a while before we see it when it is dry.  It is both fascinating and macabre to see floods in action close up. Powder Valley park and trail was not under water, so we had a wander along the trails there. I liked the colours and movement of the creek bed here. On New Year’s Day we went to Rockwoods Reservation and walked ‘The trail through the trees’.  These icicles looked like lots of discarded plastic bags from a distance. Lots of rocky faces to be spotted in these rocks at Rockwoods Reservation. How on earth does ice form like this?  There were a few similar formations under a tree, no more ice or frost anywhere around.  It was paper thin, delicate and beautiful. End of the hike, end of the day. I hope you had a great start to 2016!  Happy New Year!

Weekly Photos 11/52 2015

1. The first flowers of Spring, I love the dew captured on the crocus petals. 2. Easter cards I made for family. 3. Cool lights at Crushed Red in Clayton, MO.  We went for a late lunch on Sunday to celebrate Mothering Sunday, lucky me! 4. Me, sitting on my ‘mental age’ bench at Powder Valley, MO in the sunshine! Ha! 5. I found a rock with a funny face. 6. Taking the direct route. 7. Powder Valley frog.  Very friendly and very large! It looks like Spring has sprung here in Missouri, the trees are budding and the bulbs are starting to flower.  Time to pull out the t shirts and put away the gloves and woolly scarves. Have a fab week!