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Weekly Photos 10/52 2015

            1. A tree bud in the new snow. 2. My shadow in the snow mixed with a photo of trees using the Diana app. 3. ‘The Slot’ at Pickle Springs Natural Area, Missouri – a walk between rocks and in a temporary stream! 4. Cave detail with ice at Pickle Springs. 5. Hearts on a tree. 6. ‘The Double Arch’ rock formations at Pickle Springs. 7. This was my favourite rock formation of the day, he looks so serene, a sleepy rock. This weekend we went to explore a new hiking area called Pickle Springs and it has some great caves and rock formations.  It was pretty wet and sludgy, but that didn’t deter us! The snow has now melted here, and the temperatures are Springlike!  Hurrah!  I even spotted the crocuses popping out of the grass this afternoon. I hope you have a lovely week!