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Weekly Photos 51/52.

A week to Christmas!  Oh my.  Are you all ready?  I pretty much am, presents are almost wrapped and food is bought. 1. I made some balm for Christmas presents and it smells divine.  Just the right amount of citrus and calming clary sage.  I might need to make some for me! 2. I visited my friend’s new lovely salon this week. 3 and 4. Time to make gingerbread houses!  The kids make them every year and I am so pleased that at 11 and 14 years, they still want to make these sweet masterpieces.  One was made with graham crackers and the other one was made the traditional method with cut out gingerbread cookies which we made the day before. Fun! 5. I picked up this smashing bag at a flea market on Sunday, it is a 1950’s Olson Travel hand luggage bag and it is in great shape. Hurrah for bargains and gingerbread houses!  Have a lovely week and happy Monday x

Through The Lens Thursday #51. Alive.

This week’s prompt is ‘alive’.  This tree is alive and it has made it through the year ready to grace our living room again. We bought it last year at this time and it has lived outside happily ready to be decorated for Christmas for the second year. We used to have an artificial tree which over the years got scrappier and more sorry looking, then last year it ended up with water in it’s storage box and ended up rather moldy.  So that was the end of that.  The intention was to buy another artificial tree, but we ended up at a tree lot with living trees rather than poor old hacked down dying trees. We all liked this one, decided to call him ‘Fat Albert’ and brought him home. I took these two photos of our Christmas tree today at the same time using different settings on my camera in the spirit of ‘Through the Lens Thursday’ which is a weekly project to practice using our DSLR cameras on the manual setting.  I …

Through The Lens Thursday #49. View.

For this week’s prompt, I took a photo of my neighbor’s magnolia tree. I was hanging out the washing and noticed it budding against the blue and white sky and thought, that is a good ‘view’. I am not sure that it should be in bud in December but who am I to question nature’s ways? I messed about with the camera settings and ended up with a little bit of a washed out picture which I liked. Next week’s prompt is ‘packed’. Happy Thursday!

Through The Lens Thursday #47. Cut.

Ironically I took this photo nice and early when I was cutting down and pulling out the last of my tomatoes, and now I am posting late! You might have noticed the change in surroundings around here. I have moved (or rather am moving, so excuse the empty boxes and bare walls) blog house back to my original blog, here at CatsEatDogs. All of my old posts and bits and bobs are here too, so feel free to have a look around and if you want some old old posts, I started this blog in 2012 so there is lots to look at! So I am sneaking in late with Through The Lens Thursday, sorry Greta! Hopefully normal posting will resume next week when the prompt is ‘Muted’ and it is my birthday! Whoo hoo! I love birthday’s, don’t you!

Through The Lens Thursday #12. Frown.

  I did wonder what on earth I was going to use for ‘Frown’, then I looked at the super hero and action figures around the house and they are all frowning!  I picked Superman for his very impressive frown though. I have a new camera which is very exciting so these photos are now taken using a Canon 6D and a fixed 50mm lens.  I am really loving the depth of field I can now capture, yay! Here’s hoping Superman is going to cheer up…. For more information about Through The Lens Thursday, go here.  Next week’s prompt is ‘In my Cup’.