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iPhone filters on a Dandelion (roar) Clock.

I found some cool Dandelion clocks while out and about last week, so I snapped a couple of pictures.  In fact I snapped loads and only got a few decent ones, they are tricky little monkeys to get to stay still.   I popped on some different filters to see how they looked. I thought I would share my results.  All of the filters and effects were added in Camera+ on the iPhone 4. These are the starting photos, no filter, no crops. I put this on into Camera+ and cropped it down and added clarity Crop, clarity, depth of field.   Crop and Polarise Crop, Clarity and Ansel. As part of a course I am doing by the lovely Jessica Van Den called ‘Set up Shop‘ I have to ‘play’ as part of one of the lessons,  and I intend to!  I might pull out my pens and a pretty notebook and have a little draw. I recently was introduced to the work of Kate Bingaman-Burt this week by Gathered digital magazine and have …

March ten on the tenth.

Raining again for ten on the tenth,  I can’t believe that it has rained on the 10th of each month this year.  I wonder if it will rain on the 10th of every month?  We shall see I am taking all of the photos today on my iPhone 4S and cropping and adding clarity to each in the Camera+ app. I will be consistent in each photo and see which works best by number ten. Today  is Mothering Sunday in the UK, so happy Mother’s Day to all you Mamas! Oh look, it’s raining.  The Rosemary is having a lovely time in the rain. My new read ‘Astrid and Veronika’ by Linda Olsson. As recommended by Pip at Meet me at Mikes.  It is called ‘Let me Sing you Gentle Songs’ in Australia.  I love the cover, which is exactly how I choose books to read!  That and recommendations of course.  What are you reading?  Got a recommendation or a book with a great cover to share? One of the trees in our back garden …

Favourite Words on a Windy Day

Today started with wet snow, in the middle was snow and at the end was wind and lots of it!  This is me working on my windswept look! This week’s 52 lists project today was ‘Favourite Words’, so I asked around the household and these are ours.  As you can tell, I don’t have spell check when I am writing the ole fashioned way.  At least I can add ‘learnt to spell onomatopoeia’ to my list of daily achievements. I could walk around all day saying ‘Polyp’, it is such a great word and just the sound of it makes me want to giggle! Do you have any favourite words?  Do you like them because of the meaning of them or the sound or the spelling? Most of mine are great sounding words, but I think ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ covers all bases.  It even popped up in predictive text while I was typing it on my phone.  Impressive.