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Weekly Photos 2017. 43/52

1. A lovely orange fungi spotted in the woods this week. 2. Dried hydrangea flowers gathered on a dog walk. 3. The last tomato before the cold weather came in with a vengeance. 4. We went to a great estate sale this weekend, I liked the box of cutlery but I didn’t need it! 5. This phone caught my eye, it was behind an open cupboard and not for sale, but it took me right back to chatting with my friends on a phone fastened into the wall. I like the unintended orange theme this week. Happy Monday x

Weekly photos 9/52

Last week was a little warmer and then little colder, and then it snowed…again.  I had a root canal on Wednesday which instead of being the nightmare I was expecting,  dispelled all of the tooth pain I have been having.  Now I just need to drink lots of water to cleanse my pain killer abused liver. I made two bracelets of similar beads and the pictures above are of one of them.  I ordered some new beads and I am super excited to get them, I nearly bounce out the door to greet the mail lady when I am expecting beads in the post!  Will they come today?  I wonder. The colour of the week was orange which was another hard one to find, check out Andrea and Xanthe‘s blogs for some fab colour inspirations. Suddenly every traffic cone everywhere I go pops into my vision!  No, I did not take a photo of a cone… I did find a cool old truck which is parked locally, so I stalked it and got a couple …