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Weekly Photos 51/52.

A week to Christmas!  Oh my.  Are you all ready?  I pretty much am, presents are almost wrapped and food is bought. 1. I made some balm for Christmas presents and it smells divine.  Just the right amount of citrus and calming clary sage.  I might need to make some for me! 2. I visited my friend’s new lovely salon this week. 3 and 4. Time to make gingerbread houses!  The kids make them every year and I am so pleased that at 11 and 14 years, they still want to make these sweet masterpieces.  One was made with graham crackers and the other one was made the traditional method with cut out gingerbread cookies which we made the day before. Fun! 5. I picked up this smashing bag at a flea market on Sunday, it is a 1950’s Olson Travel hand luggage bag and it is in great shape. Hurrah for bargains and gingerbread houses!  Have a lovely week and happy Monday x