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Through The Lens Thursday #37. Game.

I dragged out my little old Gameboy for this week’s Through the Lens Thursday. I would like to say that I chose my favourite games to go with it, but in truth my inability to play computer games for more than a few seconds at a time makes a favourite an impossible goal. You will be interested to know that I also have a Spiderman game, Star Wars and Star Trek games. It will come as no surprise that I don’t know how to play any of them! I only dislike computer games because I am so bad at them, if I can’t play it, I don’t. Maybe this is why I lose my teeny mind trying to persuade my kids off computer games. I can only stay on Facebook for a few minutes before I get bored and wander off to find something else to do. Maybe this means that my attention span needs improving, I don’t know. Are you a computer game fan? I prefer a nice board game to be honest.