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New York Photos from my June visit

I had a very interesting, informative and  photo-ful trip to New York and Brooklyn last month. Some highlights were the Punk exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum, Coney Island even with the Mermaid Parade chaos, Tinsel Trading (my new favourite shop) and seeing friends and friends. My trip into the big city on Friday.  The Met for Punk Chaos and Central Park  for a sunny walk with a lovely friend. I came across Tinsel Trading as I was heading from a magazine shop to Muji and I am so happy I did, the place was amazing, I wanted to move in there!  Trims and buttons, vintage and ribbons as far as the eye could see all displayed in old cabinets and drawers.  Gorgeous.  I came out with some beads, silk ribbon and metal thread.  I thought I was rather restrained, I hope you are proud of me! Coney Island colour and fun! My last day in Brooklyn.  I had to visit the Momofuku Milk bar and Union Market.  I picked up some international magazines and caught …

New York City almost made me pop.

As soon as I started my journey to New York and back, my brain popped wide open due to stress and excitement. It stayed that way nearly the whole trip and even though I document well, it feels like it hasn’t been me. I think I need a lie down in a cool dark room followed by a notebook session with all of my photos,  an attempt to make it all mine. It doesn’t feel like it was my trip, mainly because it is something I can’t believe I did by myself and didn’t throw up, not even a little bit. I did have a super amazing time and met some new people, listened to some great speakers and got to share cocktail time with some wonderful friends. Couldn’t ask for more really.  So when I have sorted my brain out, I will post my ‘New York city/Alt Summit Greatest Hits’! How are you with travelling by yourself?  Are you a scaredy cat like me or are you a brave little engine?

catseatdogs goes to New York City

I found some cool books and an intriguing CD at the library. Zakka is a style I have only just heard of, I recognize it, but didn’t know it had a name and books! I am so inspired to bust out the sewing machine and make fabric into lovely stuff. The clothes book has some lovely versatile patterns in it. Clearly I am in need of a good fabric shop. Any recommendations? I am tempted to hit up a few in New York this weekend, but I fear I will not be able to contain myself! Did someone say New York? Guess where I am off today, I know- today! I am the perfectly hysterical mix of excited and nervous. My destination is Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for the Alt Summit design blogging conference. I may well pop with inspiration and ideas by Friday morning! I will be posting photos on Instagram using the hash tag #catseatdogsnyc. My user is @catseatdogsmakes and you can use the link on this page to my Instagram too. Can’t …