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A Cup of Tea with Me

For the past month I have been a student in the classroom of Blog with Pip and I have a folder full and a notebook bursting with ideas. Now we have graduated, we have been invited to write this post by our fearless leader,  Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mikes, so here I am to chat about me over a cup of tea.  If you pop over to Pip’s blog, you can read posts by the other lovely students.  I got to spend time with some creative, inspiring folk I can tell you. Today’s cup of tea features a gorgeous vintage pink willow pattern teacup and saucer.  My youngest picked it out from a flea market while we were on holiday in Cape Cod last year.  I must admit, I don’t drink out of it, I need a big mug of tea, but big mugs are not so pretty. Being from the UK originally, I should be a tea drinking monster, but I tend to gravitate towards coffee more and more since I have …


List number 5 My workout/run/gym playlist. What is on your playlist? What do you use playlists for? Any absolute must songs? Which song always features? I must say that Marina and the Diamonds is my song of the moment. It makes me want to pirouette, smile and run all at the same time!