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The August Break 18-24 and Weekly Photos 34/52.

Last week was hot hot and more hot with a lot of humidity.  That thick, custardy air which hits you in the face like a hair dryer when you open the door.  Lovely.  We have been sweating out all of our toxins, so we will have beautiful skin by the time Autumn arrives.  In the meantime, lots of sweaty laundry. On the morning walks to school we have been spotting snakes and turtles of various sizes and the mushrooms are abundant which always makes me happy! The August Break continues, we are almost at the end of August, can you believe it!  Here are photos 18 through 24. 18.  Jump.  Self timer on the camera and tripod and boing boing boing! 19.  Black and White.  One of the lovely mushrooms we spotted this week. 20.  Peaceful.  A new mag and sketchbook and lavender looking for a peaceful moment. 21.  Treasures. Rocks from the beach, I always look for unusual shapes and rocks with holes.  Marbles from the creek and acorns from the woods. 22.  Shadow. …

Weekly Photos 25/52 and Yellow.

Yellow yellow yelow, that is the colour I was looking for last week.  I found some on toys, at the Metro Link station, in a very bee full tree and water balloons (which look green when they are full!).  These photos are part of the Colour/Color project fearlessly headed up by the fabulous Xanthe and Andrea who both take the best photos you ever did see. A week of slip n sliding, water balloons, cool mushrooms and plenty of rain. 1.  Trying out the new netting on his army helmet. 2.  Teeny tree in our neighbourhood catching the afternoon sun. 3.  Slipping and sliding. 4.  The Edamame tee pee is growing well, we even have a few peas. 5.  Red mushroom in the damp after a massive storm. I hope your Monday is going well and have a fab week!  

Weekly photos 24/52 and Color/Colour Lovers Red

Second week of the summer and all is well.  The weather is getting hot and humid which means that the water balloons will most likely be deployed this week. The lovely ladies of Hula Seventy and Xanthe Berkeley photography are hosting ‘Color/Colour Lovers’ the summer edition.  I joined in the winter project and it was amazing what you spot when you are looking for a specific colour!  Last week was red and here is what I found.  Of course you can’t have a red challenge and not visit the local fire house!  In fact all of these photos were taken locally. Be sure to pop over the Xanthe and Andrea’s blogs to see their amazing photos.   In other photo news, I snapped a few weekly photos too, which ironically all seem to be beige and green!  Apologies for the mushroom overload, but mama nature has been generous in the cool mushroom department this week. Next week there may be none (and I will be sad), so catch em while you can, that’s what I …

Six Word Saturday

I can’t stop taking photos of mushrooms!  They have to be the ones which a fairy might be under and there are lots around at the moment (mushrooms, unfortunately I haven’t seen any fairies). I used the fabulous Rhonna Designs app to make this picture.  Do you have any favourite apps?  I love this one, lots of great images and fonts.  The original photo was taken using Camera+ on my iPhone, this is a great app to get close up pictures. If you have a Six Word Saturday or fancy snapping one, feel free to add it in the comments or pop it on Instagram using #sixwordsaturday. Happy Weekend!  

Through The Lens Thursday 19. Dream.

Dream.  A photograph of a dream?  Following a dream?  Dreaming?  What to take? Then, on the walk back from school, I spotted a circle of mushrooms on the path through the woods. Don’t we all dream there will be a crowd of fairies in every ring of mushrooms or toadstools we see?  I do! Alas, if there were any fairies present here, I missed them.  I had to clear away a few leaves and get down almost on the ground to get this shot, so I feel certain I would have spotted any. I know, I know, I was in the middle of the woods crouched on the ground photographing mushrooms!  All the time hoping that no-one would walk by!! Do you take photos all over the place? Are you bothered if anyone thinks you are a nut? I am pretty self conscious to be honest and looking a fool is not my top priority. Having said that, if I want the picture, I can usually summon up some courage from somewhere.  So there I …

There be fairies….

On the frantic (second morning back to school was not a success) walk to school this morning, we spotted some brand new spindly mushroom clusters in the woods. Their musty colours were lovely and of course I didn’t have my phone with me. So I came home after drop off and got said phone. I only hoped that the little clusters of fungi were still standing and hadn’t been trampled by an enthusiastic, big pawed dog or two. I followed a gaggle of dogs and owners back into the woods, so I willed them to tread carefully and hurry through so I could crouch in peace on the woodland floor and get pictures of the delicate mini mushroom trees.