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Weekly Photos 2017. 36/52

  1-5. Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. 6. Seasonal ‘Count Orlok’ pumpkin beer at Urban Chestnut on the way home. 7&8. Making some pages with vintage National Geographic images and some ‘moons’ I have been experimenting with. I try and mess about with some form of art every day, keeps me on an even keel!Do you have something you have to do on a regular basis or you miss it? Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 27/100

It has been a week of humidity (no surprise there!), early morning dog walks, drawing and Pokemon catching with ‘Pokemon Go’.  Is there anyone not playing this app!? Wherever we go there are kids pointing their phones at random points and swiftly heading off to the next ‘catch’. I snapped some pics to share my week with you.  What have you been up to? 1. On Monday I went with my husband to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was a lovely cool morning and the gardens are in bloom in every direction. These lily pads are amazing and the reflection of the cherubs in the water made the photo. 2. My most favorite part of the gardens are the lotus flowers in the Japanese Garden and they were in bloom so I was a happy snappy chappy! I love these flowers so much, they influenced my whole week!  I drew them, painted them and used the colour palette in my art journal. 3. This wet pebble path was strewn with bright leaves. 4. Every time I …

Weekly Photos 32/52

      1.  We went to the zoo this week and had a chat with the stingrays. 2. And we chatted to the seals.  My two are almost too old for the zoo, but we passed a lovely couple of hours visiting some animals and snacking on over priced candy floss! 3. This weekend in humidity which resembled the rainforest, we went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  These mosaic plants really fascinated me, so beautiful on the water, they look like they were swimming without moving.  It was a happy accident that the reflection of the sun popped into the shot. 4. I missed the flowers of the Sacred Lotus, but the leaves are so amazing and the pods from the flowers are beautiful too. 5. Talking of missing things, I was sad that the Chihuly glass had gone from the white arches at the gardens the past couple of times I have visited.  Now they are back!  Hurrah!  I must have photos of these beauties in all seasons as I never fail to …