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Weekly Photos 2017. 39/52

1. Shadow of one of the ferns I used to make prints with this week. 2. A mini collection of bits and bobs, including matchboxes, gummed stickers and vintage index cards. 3. Getting ready to photo the prints for a blog post, blu tac and camera at the ready! 4. A circle print on one of the aforementioned index cards. 5. We went for a hike this weekend at Rockwoods Reservation and enjoyed the cooler weather. 6. Sign on the trail. 7. Looking up. 8. Lots of steps! Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 4/52

1. I saw these flowers in the park looking pretty!  I have no idea where they are from or why they are on the tree though. Isn’t it funny what just pops up! 2. This white building is one I pass all the time, I don’t know what it houses but I like the corrugated exterior. 3. This weekend was the second birthday of my friend’s gym – Core 3  Fitness and these were some of the flowers at the celebrations. 4. It was a super windy day and I saw this amazing dry Queen Anne’s Lace flower which was bobbing about in the breeze.  I can’t believe I ended up with a focused picture! 5.- 10. Missouri Mines State Historic Site is a fabulously creepy place to visit!  It is a disused lead mine which closed in the 1970’s.  The underground mine is totally flooded  but the buildings remain and the old powerhouse is now a museum. It would be a perfect place for a zombie party!!! Hope you had a good week!  Happy Monday …