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Topping up Creativity.

I am pleased to say that my creativity levels are usually brimming and this week was no different. Just to keep everything bubbling and brewing in my imagination I decided to get myself onto the Metrolink, jump off at Skinker and scamper across Forest Park to the Art Museum. In fact I scampered to the Missouri History Museum first catching a couple of Pokemon on the way (for my son, I know, I am a good/crazy Mum!).  It was a lovely day, not quite cool, but certainly better than it has been in the humidity department. The Little Black Dress exhibit at the  History Museum is about to close, so the pressure was on to see it.  I wandered the dresses for a few minutes, sketched one or two and snapped a couple of pictures. Honestly I was underwhelmed, I mean it did what it said on the can, there were black dresses, but it was nothing amazing. No matter, the St Louis Art Museum had been calling to me all morning, so even though …

Weekly Photos 29/52.

1. We bought Kerplunk this week! I had forgotten how much fun it is to play and it is a nice reminder for the kids that humans are as much fun to play with as computers… 2. Homemade butter is science in the kitchen. Get some cream and whip it through various stages of thin, thick, lumpy and separated until you are squeezing buttermilk out of your very own homemade butter. We used some buttermilk in cupcakes and I put the rest in an ice cube tray and popped it in the freezer for future cupcakes. 3. Over the weekend we saw the ‘Lost Buildings of St Louis’ exhibit at the Missouri History Museum. I love looking at historic buildings and these photos were no disappointment. It is a shame they are no longer standing, but I am pleased someone took photos of them for us to see now. 4. Mushrooms are starting to appear in the humid, damp woods. These are teeny tiny ones, but I don’t know which variety they are. I hope …

Six Word Saturday

We went to the Missouri History Museum to see the ‘Lost Buildings of St Louis’ photography exhibit and the ‘Walk in 1875 St Louis’ exhibit. They were both super interesting and of course told lots of history about St Louis. The 1875 exhibit is fairly new, so it was busy, but that just made us want to visit again in the week when it may be a little quieter. If you have a Six Word Saturday, pop in in the comments or share on Instagram and share your Insta name in the comments, so I can find you!