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Through the Lens Thursday #50. Packed.

Blimey, we are at week 50 already!  I found out today that this year has 53 weeks and not 52, I thought all years had 52 weeks, I thought it was the rule.  Apparently not.  There I was thinking we had two weeks left and as if by magic another one appears!  Hello week 53 and welcome to 2015. This week’s Through the Lens Thursday prompt is ‘Packed’.  Through the Lens Thursday is a year long weekly project hosted by Greta at GFunkified blog to improve our photography skills using our big girl cameras and not just the phone. I usually just snap away on the phone and I need to keep practicing my ‘proper’ camera skills. Today I made mince pies with homemade mincemeat which I made from this Jamie Oliver recipe.  I packed in the mincemeat for a nice generous filling. Now I am trying not to eat them all! I hope your Thursday is going well!

Writing with Es!

E is for Eccles cakes, made with frozen puff pastry, I mean who makes puff pastry? Not me. I did make the mincemeat which I used to fill the Eccles cakes instead of the usual raisins. My only complaint is that I didn’t make them big enough! I am pleased I made mincemeat, followed a Delia Smith recipe and ta da, easy peasy squeeze a lemon. Two massive jars of mincemeat good stuff all ready for mince pies and I have a recipe for mincemeat cookies courtesy of Mr Jamie Oliver! It is going to be a sweet fruity fiesta!! E is also for eggs in a nest pendant I am currently making whilst trying not to poke out my eyes with the pingy wire which springs about as I make the nest! I think this is one of my favourites, the mother of pearl beads almost glow, lovely. E is for exhausted dog. Pablo the French bulldog of the house took a walk with me to make a jewelry delivery this morning and he …