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Daily Moleskine 2018 May pages

May was a very floral month!  I sketched, painted and collaged all the botanicals along with the Botanicals in Art Journaling class at Get Messy Art Journaling.  I didn’t realize just how flower mad I had gone!  No complaints here. Some of my favourite pages are the flowers for heads collage pages which crack me up and the pages where I was planning and making stamps.  I am super proud of those stamps. Nearly half way through the year, I can’t believe it! Happy Thursday x SaveSave

Get Messy Season of Kindness Week 1.

A new year and a new season for Get Messy!  The kick off season for 2018 is the Season of Kindness which is an ideal start to the year in my opinion. I made my journal using a vintage book cover and half ‘warm white’ paper and half ‘cream’ paper.  It has six signatures each with four pages and the book is pretty small at 4 inches x 8 inches. I decided to make the whole season about being kind to myself and my art journaling as I sometimes put pressure on myself to try all the techniques and then I wander off from what I actually want to do.  This journal is going to be full of stuff I want to do and I think it is going to be pretty simple.  I am not an ‘add all the things’ person, so I will be embracing the keep it simple method I like best! The first page has literally three components, a cut out window, a gelli print on vintage ledger paper and words …

A year of colour 2018. January.

I decided that this year I would paint a swatch of colour each day, inspired by an article in The Simple Things magazine and a project by Courtney Cerruti, I cut up some hot press watercolour paper and waited for inspiration to strike! Sometimes inspiration needs dragging onto the page, but I have not missed a day yet and I like that I already have over 30 colour and a little description to accompany each one. Already I look over them and smile at my titles, like when I was wrestling with iMovie and I almost got beaten good and proper, when I was walking through the woods in the golden hour and wondering at the light, and even when we had a burst pipe at the library and had to close for a day.  It is all there in one colour swatch for that day. I wonder what the rest of the year will look like. Happy Thursday x SaveSave