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DIY Lavender and Clary Sage Face/Body Balm

I love balms and perfumes.  This is a recent revelation in my world, I have always been sadly addicted to lip balms and the prettier the packaging and more exotic the flavour, the better, but I have never been quite this into them.  What happened?  I started to make them. This year I have let myself try new makes and DIY’s and among them came lip balm.  My good friend has lots of the base oils which I didn’t have and we decided to have a go one day.  Well, now I can’t stop…… I have been making lip balms, body and hand balms and now I have entered the heady and wonderful world of solid perfumes.  I love that we can make this stuff ourselves and we know what is in there, especially when it comes to slapping balm on lips and face, it is good to know what is soaking into our skin. This week I ran out of face moisturiser and was reluctant to pay another $20 or more for a teeny …

Weekly Photos 40/52

  1. At last the chili peppers are growing!  I only planted them in April….  Now I just hope I get a little crop before the frost comes. 2. I am happy to be harvesting lavender still. 3. Three long or short necklaces, soon to be added to my Etsy shop.  I made me one too (of course) and they are super casual and full of good energies. 4. Woodland floor, Autumn edition. 5. Art at the Metro-Link. 6. Flowers in bloom at the St Louis Zoo. 7.  Elephant fountain at the Zoo all ready for Halloween! 8. I spotted a new favourite at the St Louis Art Museum. I hope you had a fab week and that the week ahead will be wonderful for you!