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Through The Lens Thursday #39. Pink.

I got rather distracted on my last trip to Michaels the craft shop and I ended up buying three balls of super chunky yarn in this lovely pink with a view to knit a cowl/scarf for the winter.  I knitted it up in a couple of hours (on and off with a spot of cooking and cleaning in between rows) and I am pleased with the final cowl.  Now I just need some cool weather so that I can wear it! I have included this photo too even though it is completely out of focus. A happy accident in my opinion, I like the fuzzy hazy look. You can still tell what it is a photo of, but it is artistically (accidentally) out of focus. Next week’s prompt is ‘Lines’.

August ten on the 10th

A lovely day for today’s ten on the 10th. We headed into St Louis to explore a junk shop we like and to visit The Upcycle Exchange to check out some new yarn they have in. We lunched at the Everest Cafe on The Grove and came home and made a ‘base’ in the garden! The ‘base’ was built with supplies we got at the Upcycle Exchange and lots of imagination. I am going to do a post about it next week with lots of photos. Here are today’s terrific ten. A wonderful window at Anthropologie. I keep seeing this cool guy and managed to snap his photo today! Flowers on a painted screen, only slightly spoiled by water damage.  Still lovely. Vintage luggage on a barber’s chair. Lovely vintage Singer sewing machine. Best doll face I have seen. This can had dates in it still! Love this peacock. Piles and piles of wool at the Upcycle Exchange. Cumin seeds and sweet thingys at Everest Cafe. A fun day filled with treasure. You will be …

1977 Needlework and Crafts

Happy Earth Day! Remember to recycle and reuse. Walk or bike where you can. Plant some vegetables or some flowers or some herbs, or all of them! May your trash can be empty, your legs be strong and your garden green! Talking of recycling, look at this fab McCall’s Needlework and Crafts magazine from Spring 1977.  In 1977 I was seven years old and into ‘Sindy’ dolls and ‘Spirograph’. These crochet flowers are gorgeous and check the fake soil and moss! Creepy or cute? Same question.  I quite like the gangly rabbit, but his teeth look like they want to eat me, or those mice.  Pick the mice Mr Rabbit. Of course I adore these macrame pieces.  I think they are a little bit cool, even the tiles they are photographed on are cool.  I love the statement on the opposite page ‘macrame jewelry is always right!’  Maybe I will steal that tag line for my catseatdogs jewelry! Now, here is something I want to make.  Peas in a pod which unzips!  That place mat …