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catseatdogs bracelet necklace ankle-bracelets

I have been making lots of new wrap bracelets (I can’t stop myself, I love them!), and here they are. I am making necklaces and earrings too and I have just ordered some supplies to make more yum stuff! They can be worn as natty little wrappy bracelets, but don’t forget how catseatdogs jewelry likes to play!  Look at all the ways the wraps can be worn. I love to layer them up around my wrist, lots of colours and buttons and beads. Keep checking on my Etsy store for new arrivals!  I can’t wait to get my hands on my new supplies and get making some new pieces.  

Making ‘catseatdogs’ jewels

I made a quick long necklace today on a complete whim.  I pulled out the top/dress I like when the weather is like the inside of an oven with no cakes, and decided I needed a long necklace to wear with it. I have had this sliced up tagua nut set for a while and have never really decided how to use them.  Funny how all of a sudden a design pops into your head and you know exactly how to execute it.  So, I grabbed my leather and tied them on, chose a button and made a fastener with it.  Ta dah! I love these simple necklaces I made last week, they are light to wear and look great together or alone.  I have some similar necklaces which I wear with everything.  They are in my Etsy store if you want to see more photos. I washed up some buttons today which I have had a while, stored in an old cake tin which I think is the storage of choice for vintage buttons. …

Summer jewels

Bracelet I made for my holiday at the seaside. Shell necklace I whipped up from a beach find and some leather cord from a last standing Ben Franklin store. Would you wear a shell? Nothing extra, just a shell on leather. I quite like it although I haven’t worn it….yet.

Wraptastic! New wrap bracelets on Etsy.

I must thank auto spell for wanting to make ‘wraptastic’ into ‘wrap toast’!  I quite like the idea of wrap toast, but not to wear around your wrist. These freshly made bracelets are all in my Etsy shop and love to be worn together and on their own. This purple wrap has a glorious lucite owl as a focal, it is the first time I have used a bold focal on these bracelets and I like the owly friend. All of the bracelets can be worn as necklaces too either short (wrap twice) or as a single strand long necklace. This beachy wrap has pink shells, mother of pearl shells and some pretty czech glass drop beads to add some texture.  I fell in love with the colour of the pink shell (the spiney beads) and I am so happy they work in this bracelet. . This last wrap just wants to be worn day and night, striking turquoise trade beads with wood and shell contrast beads. The perfect mix of casual and stylish. All …

Hearts abound at Handmade Happy Hour Sweetheart Edition.

Hearts hearts everywhere and lots indeed to wear! I have been a busy bee making lots of new jewelry which will be debuting at the fabulous Handmade Happy Hour Sweetheart Edition.  I will be with a wonderful assortment of  handmade vendors at Home Wine Kitchen in Maplewood on Friday Feb 1st from 5pm-9pm. Come along, get dinner and peruse some lovely local artist’s hard work. Bring along boyfriends, husbands, wives, girlfriends and be sure to get beautiful gifts for your beautiful people this Valentine’s Day.

B is for…blog, birdcage, boutique, Bloody Mary

As part of #amonthof, here is B. I have only started the a month of creative challenge in December and we are following the alphabet day by day, so on Dec 2nd, we are at B. B is for birdcage, a vintage model I use for display. Today I have hooked it up with earrings for a holiday shopping Boutique I am selling at. A lovely luncheon shopping event at a local school. It has been a joy to work this one. B is also for Bloody Mary.  Of course $2.00 Bloody Mary’s help! I have only had one, slowly working my way down it. I have to admit that I can never work out if I even like Bloody Mary’s. I love the idea…sometimes I think I should stick to pancakes for brunch!

Kickboxing, zombie fighting, cookie baking ninja

This morning I did my kickboxing/ninja/zombie defense class at the Y and I have to say, it totally flew by. I can’t believe how fast the time went. No doubt sore arms and legs tomorrow, but I love that!  Really, I do, I think it confirms I worked hard, I firmed up some wobbly bits  and now I can make and eat some cookies! Did someone say cookies? Look at what heavenly beast I found in Trader Joe’s this morning.  I only wonder why I didn’t buy a cart full. These should come with a stern warning along the lines of… ‘Do not open until you intend to bake with them. Not even just to try them. You will nibble and nibble and they will all be gone – forever. No cookies.’ They are so good straight out of the packet, forget fancy Christmas M&M’s, just get bags of these for everyone who needs sweets! Job done. You’re welcome. Leave some for me though. I just used all mine in cookies….and nibbling… I am going …

Beady Heart

For the photo a day, today’s was ‘A Favourite Thing’. I took a picture of a beaded heart at its beginning. I love to make jewelry  and it is exciting when someone buys one of my pieces and then I see them wearing it! Today my making focus is all over the place. I am washing, putting pots away, making a coffee, checking Twitter… and on it goes. I do like the whole social media merry-go-round, but boy, sometimes I wonder whether I need to duct tape myself on or just leap off and hope I hit some soft grass. I don’t like to post the same darn thing on every site, because I think that is boring and apparently I like to make more work for myself.  So I flit about on my little iPhone,  posting a photo,  writing a short sentence on a short sentence site,  or messing about with photo finishes so that the aforementioned photo is an interesting one. Then I feel that I really should be making something, because hey, …

Jubilee and Jewels

We are painting tags and flags for the catseatdogs jewelry party tomorrow. As it is also the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we thought some hand painted flags and tags would be appropriate. There will be home made scones and sausage rolls and of course a cuppa for anyone who wants one! Jewelry, friends and sausage rolls…what better way to spend a day!