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Weekly Photos 6/52

  1.  I pass these dried Hydrangeas almost every day and I love how they still look so gorgeous even when they are all dry. 2. I snapped the full moon this week.  Look at the mega bright star just above it! 3. We found this walnut shell on the way to school and thought it looked like an owl. 4. I made some ginger molasses cookies. 5. A selection of the smells we will be using to make body balm and solid perfumes.  I can’t wait to get making and testing! 6. I also make pizza for dinner, mine is piled up with onions, mushrooms and kale. 7. I am loving the Tinkerlab February challenge, this one was following the prompt ‘Fairytale’.  I found an old paperback of Hans Christian Andersen tales at an estate sale so I drew in it! Have a wonderful and fantastic week!

Beetroot & Chocolate Brownies and Pizza Challenge.

We recently harvested all of the beetroot from the garden and I decided to investigate different ways to use it. I like pickled beetroot, but I don’t need a whole fridge full! Some were crammed into a jar full of dark pink beetrooty ,vinegary, goodness. Some were swapped for peppers, a cucumber and a handful of hot chillies from my neighbor. There were more! Dig deeper for lovely beetroot ideas. My digging (ok, googling) proved fruitful. We were already planning a firepit, so following Jamie Oliver’s instructions, I wrapped some beetroots in a double layer of silver foil, along with some rosemary. Tucked it all in tight, jabbed in some holes to let the beets smoke as well as cook and onto the coals for about 40 minutes. They turned out really well, let them cool and the skin virtually peels off by itself and a delicious beet salad awaits its dressing. Beetroot and Chocolate Brownies Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall recipe from The River Cottage 250g/1 cup good, dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids), broken into pieces …