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Summer jewels

Bracelet I made for my holiday at the seaside. Shell necklace I whipped up from a beach find and some leather cord from a last standing Ben Franklin store. Would you wear a shell? Nothing extra, just a shell on leather. I quite like it although I haven’t worn it….yet.

Cool stuff on Etsy

I made a lovely treasury on Etsy today. It is such fun finding all of the wonderful things, I have to be careful not to buy it all. In fact, I am coveting an elSage poncho, I have a Second Surf buddha pendant (and I love it) and I absolutely need some Mason jar tumblers for my iced coffee. Maybe I should stop browsing Etsy! Here is the Treasury. ”May’ all your days be bright!’ by catseatdogs A collection of lovely, lively vibrant ideas for Springtime in May. Tulip Hooded Eco Poncho elSage $43 Handmade Clay Buddha Pendant… secondsurfstud… $12 16 oz. Mason Jar Tumbler – T… TheMasonBarCom… $13.95 Charm Necklace, Green Bird, … tamirodrig $45 mahogany wood and vintage fa… modflowers $16 Poppy, White Cloud Poppy See… thegardenstudi… $3 Things I’m Thankful For … laurageorge $4 Set of 48 Camera Mini Cards,… penandpaint $20 Pinback Button Set B (with f… hine $9 Honey Bee Necklace – gaea pe… CraftyHope $43.75 Linen cord bracelet / moder… dekkoline $20 I Hear Summer Rustle lirio $20 Treasury …

Sunshine, Peas, Cookies and Coffee!

Yesterday was a tired, get nothing done kind of day. A day where I almost put a dirty glass in the freezer to wash it.  I am sure I will find the butter in the cupboard and the Marmite in the fridge!!  You know the kind of day. A pretty useless one. Today however is a different day altogether. I am feeling good, the sun is shining so I am wearing these I did a great class at the gym where I could hardly drink my water and breathe at the same time.  Lots of running, jumping and breathing. In my book that’s a good one!  The down side is walking to Michael’s and Whole Foods glowing red in the face! I  bought this massive crochet hook which is the size of a baseball bat and the brand ‘Crochet Dude’ cracked me up!!  Now I can embark on my maiden crochet project voyage – a nice chunky cowl scraf thingy.  Don’t worry that summer is hurtling towards us, it will probably take me until November …

Hearts abound at Handmade Happy Hour Sweetheart Edition.

Hearts hearts everywhere and lots indeed to wear! I have been a busy bee making lots of new jewelry which will be debuting at the fabulous Handmade Happy Hour Sweetheart Edition.  I will be with a wonderful assortment of  handmade vendors at Home Wine Kitchen in Maplewood on Friday Feb 1st from 5pm-9pm. Come along, get dinner and peruse some lovely local artist’s hard work. Bring along boyfriends, husbands, wives, girlfriends and be sure to get beautiful gifts for your beautiful people this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s make a Zzzzzzooooommmbie!

As the kids were off school today and it has been freezing cold outside, we decided to concentrate on indoor activities! ‘Ice Age, Continental Drift’ seemed an appropriate movie and we have just borrowed it from the library. Fake fur stuffies were the plan, so I dragged all the furry fabric out. Bodhi started to draw the stuffie he wanted to make and it turned out to be a zombie.  A zombie with a saggy head no less.  So the Zombie was sketched, and a ‘pattern’ was cut.  Very Project Runway, but we don’t need L’Oreal hair and make up for a zombie! Paper zombie Flat zombie He has a heart of course. Bodhi stuffing Zombo the zombie. Zombo is made from fabric from the Upcycle Exchange and recycled clothes from our charity pile! We never did use the fake fur!  Next time.

Pom poms into foxy tails

Pom poms, I made them endlessly at my Grandma’s house. Whenever we visited, I would be digging around in her knitting box to see what wool she had.  I liked the remnants of part used balls of wool, some was the crinkly wool which comes from pulled down woollies. Another job I loved to help her with, I would wind the the wool around my hands off the woolly item, then Grandma would wind it from me into a nest ball of wool.  Then I would make pom pom after pom pom!  Now I have made a few pom poms, I want to pay the Upcycle Exchange a visit to explore the fabulous yarn range within! So, when I found an article in the new Mollie Makes by Hannah Golding with instructions on making a fox tail, or any fluffy animal tail, from pom poms, I was in. First I had to find an old cardboard box, a cereal box is about right.  Draw two circles with holes at the centre and cut them out. …

B is for…blog, birdcage, boutique, Bloody Mary

As part of #amonthof, here is B. I have only started the a month of creative challenge in December and we are following the alphabet day by day, so on Dec 2nd, we are at B. B is for birdcage, a vintage model I use for display. Today I have hooked it up with earrings for a holiday shopping Boutique I am selling at. A lovely luncheon shopping event at a local school. It has been a joy to work this one. B is also for Bloody Mary.  Of course $2.00 Bloody Mary’s help! I have only had one, slowly working my way down it. I have to admit that I can never work out if I even like Bloody Mary’s. I love the idea…sometimes I think I should stick to pancakes for brunch!

Kickboxing, zombie fighting, cookie baking ninja

This morning I did my kickboxing/ninja/zombie defense class at the Y and I have to say, it totally flew by. I can’t believe how fast the time went. No doubt sore arms and legs tomorrow, but I love that!  Really, I do, I think it confirms I worked hard, I firmed up some wobbly bits  and now I can make and eat some cookies! Did someone say cookies? Look at what heavenly beast I found in Trader Joe’s this morning.  I only wonder why I didn’t buy a cart full. These should come with a stern warning along the lines of… ‘Do not open until you intend to bake with them. Not even just to try them. You will nibble and nibble and they will all be gone – forever. No cookies.’ They are so good straight out of the packet, forget fancy Christmas M&M’s, just get bags of these for everyone who needs sweets! Job done. You’re welcome. Leave some for me though. I just used all mine in cookies….and nibbling… I am going …

Eat curry, hunt treasure.

This weekend was my birthday weekend as we wouldn’t all be here on my actual birthday to have cake and gasp at present opening! We went to House of India for a curry buffet extravaganza lunch. Bodhi ate his body weight in chicken Tikka Masala and I just wanted to eat the rice pudding, but tried to be an adult and had some actual food first. Onto Barnes and Noble to pick up a woefully old, Mollie Makes magazine,  out of date because it is a UK publication and I assume it takes ages for it to flap those magaziney pages over here. Not to worry though, there are no horoscopes to go out of date, no celeb gossip to age, just lovely crafty stuff for me to look at and plan to make. When I can knit and crochet effectively…..I can use a sewing machine and a needle and thread, so all is not lost!  I like the look of the itsy hedgehog on the cover, I can make him! After Indian lunch, we went off …