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A month of creative lettering.

During October I joined Pam Garrison and Creative Bug for a month of creative lettering.  Each day a new video was released on the Creative Bug site to instruct and inspire a new lettering idea or technique. I chose a handmade book which was waiting for the opportunity to be filled with letters and lettering. Inside are just over 30 pages of a variety of paper from navy thin paper to cold and hot press watercolour paper via a few sheets of brown kraft paper. Here are my favorite pages from the month.   I enjoyed the whole month but I think my favorites are the sumi brush and ink alphabet and the watercolor shape alphabet. I love a  monthly challenge! Happy Wednesday x

What did I do this weekend?

It has been a hot and sunny weekend here in the deep mid-west!  It did rain last night and that was very welcome. I had a single ripe tomato on my plants and this morning when I went to pick it, it had gone, stolen, presumed eaten.  One of our furry long tailed garden friends I am sure is the guilty party.  I always try to grow lots of tomatoes to share with the squirrels but to take the very first ripe one, that was mean. Lesson learnt, when I see a ripe tomato, don’t leave it, pick it! Over the weekend  I bought a few new art supplies in the form of acrylic gouache and some basic kraft paper to make sketchbooks from.  I love the colours this gouache comes in and choosing a few was a difficult job. I bought this book from the library sale cart for a whole 25cents!  I don’t think I will use it for anything except sitting on my shelf because my grandad was a morris dancer and …