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Weekly photos Oct 28 2013

Pair of mushrooms and an ant. Cheese Swirl Buns to go with tomato soup for a quick dinner. A very chilly morning. I smiled as I took this dude’s picture.  He has such a funny face. Bodhi carved a mini pumpkin. Block Party street art. A box full of sewing treasures found at a basement sale. Halloween decos. Shadow on the street. It has been a busy week, dentist appointments, parent teacher conferences, gymnastics, karate belt test, sleepovers, chilli cook off at school and a street Halloween party.  Phew. I finished watching ‘Derek’ on Netflix this week and I loved it.  What are you watching?  Anything I need to catch up on? Have a fab week!

Weekly Photos October 14

  1. The table of cacti got decorated this year! 2. A glow in the dark skelly head. 3.  Bodhi and I finishing up the web. We spent part of the weekend adding to the Halloween decos!  Bought the obligatory ‘spider web’ which we will be finding until next year as usual.  It does look rather good though, which is why we buy the stuff every year and drape the porch and surrounding foliage with it. I remember when we first moved to the States 10 years ago and thinking that people went way over the top for Halloween…ahem….  

Photo filters and apps for Halloween

October is here and apparently so is Halloween fever!  My youngest fetched up our bag of Halloween decos gathered mainly from November sales, so it has taken us a few years to gather a spider or three. I did like that he squished a pair of skelly-bob gloves behind a drain pipe, to rather good effect I think!  So I took a snap and then I added a few (too many) finishes and got a spooky photo as a reward! For this shot, I used Snapseed and cropped and added a ‘grunge’ finish and a texture and a creepy frame.   Spooky huh? I started with this – After this one, I had to do the spider too!  An innocent giant spider chomping on a glow in the dark skelly, add a few photo finishes and creepy spider with a swarm to help him…. For this one, I started in Camera+ , cropped and added the ‘Dreamstate’ filter, then on top of that I used the ‘Pinhole’ filter.   I messed with the intensity to get …