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Through The Lens Thursday #53. Celebration.

Today is the last day of 2015 and the final ‘Through the Lens Thursday’ offering.  The prompt supplied as always by the lovely Greta at Gfunkified blog was ‘Celebration’. My celebration this morning was a coffee with a waffle treat on the top. Celebrating the fact that I managed to eventually fit in a coffee after Barre class, a trip to Target for boring stuff and half price Christmas sweets, REI to refund a present, Michaels for yarn and dye and Whole Foods for New Years Eve dinner ingredients. Now I get to mess about in my art journal and wish you all a very happy, healthy new year. Happy 2016!

Weekly Photos 4/52 2015

            1. A trip to the High Pointe cinema this week to see Mr Turner which is a great film. 2. A dried out Hydrangea.  I am always amazed that they keep their perfect shape even when they are all dry and crispy. 3. Half Street. 4. I thought this car in all of it’s beat up glory was pretty cool. 5. Across the road I spotted these lovely trees. 6. Pint of Guiness in the pub on Sunday with friends! I edited these photos in Snapseed, some just a little crop and some a little vintage or black and white.  What are your favourite apps to edit?  I also like Over for text additions. It still isn’t very wintery here, to be honest I would like to see a drop of snow before the spring.  I hope your weather is treating you well and you are having a lovely Monday.