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Get Messy Season of Seasons week 7

This week I have embraced more collage in my Get Messy Season of Seasons journal and I have been messing about with spray paint, lace and doilies as I have been creating along with Caylee and Lauren in the Creative Bug daily practice classroom. I bought a pile of lacy doilies and vintage trimmings at an estate sale this weekend so I could wait to get printing and stenciling with them. Happy Thursday x  

Get Messy Collage time!

This month I have been playing along with Get Messy Art Journal’s Caylee and Lauren over at Creative Bug where they are hosting a fabulous daily class through September.  Each day a video is released with an idea and direction to take inspiration from and make it your own. This week Lauren used some collage materials on her page in unusual ways so I thought I would have a look through my mountain of vintage National Geographic magazines and see what I could put together! I started by selecting a pile of ‘background’ images and a pile of ‘character’ or ‘foreground’ images.  I cut out the characters and started to pair them with the backgrounds until I started to find some good matches.  Of course they are far from matching but I like them together, so I call that a match! I like to use original images so I don’t copy them, I just get right in there, cutting,  ripping and arranging. To add a little more ‘me’ I did some extra sketching on some …

Get Messy Season of Seasons week 3

  Week three of Get Messy Art Journal’s Season of Seasons is already here, we are almost half way through!  I feel like I have just started which I am interpreting as a good thing! These are my art journal pages from this week and I have included repeat patterns from Alicia’s tutorial and of course I had to do more gelli prints using leaves and stalks from my garden. I picked some Magnolia leaves which I printed with and drew and cut out for collage pieces.  I also snipped a couple of tomato plant stalks which gave me some very effective prints using the gelli plate and some Sennelier acrylic paint.   Prints from the garden into pages in my art journal.  I am enjoying using this old book for my journal and the addition of library cards in glassine envelopes.  I am considering these tomato plant prints on the old library cards a success! Happy creating and Happy Thursday x SaveSave

Get Messy Season of Seasons week 2

A few pages and cards from week 2 of the Season of Seasons over at Get Messy Art Journal.  In this found book as journal, I am covering some pages completely and some I am embracing the original page.  Thankfully the paper is not too thin so it is pretty nice to work in and the spiral binding is not getting on my nerves like I thought it would. So hurrah! I have been making marks and using these pages as collage as well as using some flowers I have been playing with as a pattern on top of collage, paint and gesso (the page with the flowers was a hot mess and needed a layer of gesso very badly!). As well as the book I am working in, I have a pile of old library catalogue cards which I am painting and doodling on.  I got hold of some glassine bags which fit the cards in perfectly so I am pleased with that. The season of seasons is rolling on and I am enjoying …

Get Messy Season of Seasons week 1.

The season of seasons is upon us over at the Get Messy Art Journaling community. I have to admit that it took me far too long to decide on a journal to use for this season!  Eventually I decided on the Airfoil instruction book and a pile of vintage library catalogue cards. I thought that this way I can work in the book and on individual cards which I have recently been enjoying.  I have some glassine envelopes on the way so that I can include the cards in the book and ensure a cohesive journal. Well, I can’t promise cohesive but at least it will be all in one place. Once I had decided on the journal (s), I wanted to make a little ‘kit’ to see me through the season without having to decide which supplies to use for each page, of course my little kit got bigger and bigger and I am pretty certain that my vintage typewriter will have a major part to play too. I am still sure that this …