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One + Four = Life 18/52

  Joining in with the ever gorgeous Pip at Meet Me at Mikes for this week’s ‘One+Four=Life project – one week, four photos! 1.  Pablo the French Bulldog came for a walk to school and found himself a tennis ball! 2. It was Field Day this week and a lovely day was had. 3. and 4. At the weekend we went to a sale at a local antiques mall and picked up a couple of bargains, left the cow there although she was pretty cool! Have a fab week!  Happy Star Wars Day.

June 2013 Photo a day

I cannot believe how fast June has zipped by (I am sure I say that every month!).  At the same time, when I look back at the photos from the beginning of the month, they seem so long ago. We have been on holiday to Cape Cod for two whole weeks, then I was back in St Louis for about 10 minutes and I was off to New York for the Alt Summit and a lovely weekend in Brooklyn. It has been hot and cool and wet and stormy. I followed the A Month of… prompts from Just B Australia for most of the month, but by the last week I was back to Fat Mum Slim.  Apparently it is harder to break a habit than I thought!  I do enjoy the FMS prompts though even though they do circle round on a regular basis, but that just makes for a new photo challenge, n’est pas?! Well, here are  my June daily snaps. 1. Tea 2. Story. 3. Fabric 4. Party.  Pie from Marion’s Pie …

Nearly going home

Aren’t holidays brilliant? I love them and this has been one of the best ever, two weeks in Cape Cod. We have have had all the weather available except snow and loved it! What else is brilliant about holidays? Going home! I love the going home part. I don’t love the trip to the airport and the waiting and waiting and taking your shoes off and holding up your jeans while they check your belt for any deadly metal. Mine has no deadly metal, it is a very kind belt, but it is needed in the ‘holding up my jeans and not flashing anyone while I take off my potentially killer shoes’ department. The boys went fishing and caught weed and something so huge it chewed off the fishy lure thing on the end of the line. We spotted lots of wildlife, including horseshoe crabs, gray seals, a coyote which was very cool and just behind our cottage (eek), birds birds and more birds, fiddler crabs (whoever invented those things was clearly drunk) and chipmunks …