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Mini Watercolour set in a tin.

This is one of those projects that made me immediately think ‘why on earth didn’t I think of this before?’.  There are lots of travel watercolor sets to buy and I nearly did buy one, until I saw this DIY version on Julie Balzar’s fab blog. I popped out and bought a tin of Altoids (I bought the blue one because I liked the colour and I don’t intend covering the outside of the tin) and a pack of gum which was sold in the tray style packet. The only problem I had was deciding which sixteen colours I was going to squeeze into my trays to tote about with me and my watercolour sketchbook.  I managed to choose a selection and then I arranged them into a pleasing palette. I did make a note in my sketchbook of which colours went where. I also want to get another pack of the gum so that I have an empty tray to use for mixing colours. This is such a great way to make you own …

‘I Like’ Friday. The snail mail postcard edition.

Postcards.  I like to send postcards just as a little ‘hi there’ in the mail, they don’t take any writing, add the address and a few sentences and ready to go and brighten someone’s day. Of course I wanted to make my own cards to send out. These were all created with the ‘Phonto’ app and the ‘Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim’ app.  I chose these two because they allow you to use postcard dimensions rather than just a square. I used backgrounds from the apps except the one photo on ‘Life is Good’ which I took at the Saint Louis Zoo of the flamingos. They were printed onto card stock and I drew on the ‘postcard’ back to write the address and place the stamp. Ta da, all ready to be written and mailed. Happy Friday and have a fab weekend x  

Simple Tie Dye Scarf

What to do when it is cloudy and cold outside and everywhere you might want to hike is a swamp?  Stay in a get bored? No!  Make a scarf of course! I had two yards of cheesecloth fabric (yes, the very same fabric all cool blouses and skirts in the 1970’s were made from) in my cupboard and some dye I had bought ages ago and never used.  The colours I had to choose from were navy, black or brown (obviously I wanted a dark green…), so I picked black. To dye my future accessory a solid black or add a spot of tie dye? I decided to try some very simple tie dyeing using three elastic bands. Sorry about the lack of ‘process’ photos, but when I was doing it, I honestly didn’t think it would come to much, just an exercise to keep me entertained.  Funny how when you do something with no pressure on yourself, it turns out to be rather ace! I secured an elastic band about 3inches from each end …

Let’s spray stuff gold!

Remember the frame I got at the yard sale a couple of weeks ago?  Well, I got some spray paint today and made it all fancy. I also painted a sheet of cardboard with chalkboard paint so that I could use the frame as a snazzy chalkboard too. Once I got that paint though, I wanted to spray everything, I managed to stop at the cow, but I can’t promise I won’t start spraying again soon. Here is the frame spraying in pictures. Of course I couldn’t stop at a golden frame, so the cow got golden too!  I think he likes it. Ta Da! Do you have the urge to spray paint stuff?  Bet you do now!!