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Get Messy Collage time!

This month I have been playing along with Get Messy Art Journal’s Caylee and Lauren over at Creative Bug where they are hosting a fabulous daily class through September.  Each day a video is released with an idea and direction to take inspiration from and make it your own. This week Lauren used some collage materials on her page in unusual ways so I thought I would have a look through my mountain of vintage National Geographic magazines and see what I could put together! I started by selecting a pile of ‘background’ images and a pile of ‘character’ or ‘foreground’ images.  I cut out the characters and started to pair them with the backgrounds until I started to find some good matches.  Of course they are far from matching but I like them together, so I call that a match! I like to use original images so I don’t copy them, I just get right in there, cutting,  ripping and arranging. To add a little more ‘me’ I did some extra sketching on some …

How many projects can I spin at once?

April is here and where I live spring missed the memo and winter is snickering in the corner as the weather is still freezing cold with a sprinkle of snow every so often.  I am sure someone will poke spring shortly and we will warm up a little. Not too much though, I don’t need ninety degrees and high humidity just yet. Anyway, along with a new month and season I have decided to take on possibly too many projects!  Three of these are ongoing and the other three are shorter than the first in duration, but they still add to my daily quota. My ongoings are the 365 day of random art in my Moleskine planner, make a colour swatch each day for 365 days and Get Messy Art Journal projects and community.  These are all going swimmingly and I am enjoying all of them. The new kids on the block are as follows The 100 day project – started on Tuesday April 3rd and consists of me drawing freeform mandalas every day for …

A month of creative lettering.

During October I joined Pam Garrison and Creative Bug for a month of creative lettering.  Each day a new video was released on the Creative Bug site to instruct and inspire a new lettering idea or technique. I chose a handmade book which was waiting for the opportunity to be filled with letters and lettering. Inside are just over 30 pages of a variety of paper from navy thin paper to cold and hot press watercolour paper via a few sheets of brown kraft paper. Here are my favorite pages from the month.   I enjoyed the whole month but I think my favorites are the sumi brush and ink alphabet and the watercolor shape alphabet. I love a  monthly challenge! Happy Wednesday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 27/52

  1. We spotted this beautiful Swallowtail butterfly in the woods this week. 2. Can you see the Mantis on my basil plant? 3. We went to the newly opened Clementines Creamery  on De Man Ave in St Louis, the ice cream was amazing and I liked the floor! 4. I messed about with ink and ornamental grass for one of my 100 day project cards. 5. I am painting a watercolour flower a day along with Creative Bug this month. Happy Monday x

‘I like’ Friday

Here are some things I am liking this fine Friday – I have been using smoked paprika a lot in recipes lately and I love to put it on fries, especially with an egg. Yums! Zines and handmade books  are the subject of a new Creative Bug class which has totally made me want to make a zine or two.  I have been making sketchbooks lately and the zine format is very appealing. The book I am now reading is Harmless Like You by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan and I am enjoying it so far.  I started a couple of books which I gave up on, but I think this one is a winner. Neocolor II crayons are my art supply of the moment.  I used water soluble crayons in art collage about a hundred years ago but I have not revisited them until very recently.  I have a handful of colours and I love to use them with a little water or gesso to spread them around. Handmade jewels used to be something I made all …

‘I Like’ Friday

Welcome to September! Blimey didn’t August fly by. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are upon us and Halloween supplies are appearing in the shops. I though I would share a few things I have been liking lately – Creative Bug draw-a-day challenge was a success for me in August, I made at least part of an art journal page every day following prompts supplied by Dawn De Vries Sokol in a daily video on Creative Bug. Follow my progress at CatsEatDogsMakes on Instagram. September is a little different in that they have a competition running for a new instructor. So I am going to have a go and use prompts by Jennifer Orkin Lewis who is August Wren on Instagram and well worth following if you like gorgeous paintings. Harmony by Carolyn Parkhurst is such a good read. If you are looking for a good book, I would recommend this highly. Very character driven and a great story so far (I am about three quarters through). I have had Art Inc by Lisa Congdon from the library for a couple of …

Weekly Photos 1/52.

The creek flooded recently and covered the local park in water.  Once the  water level had gone down, there was a little marble sitting in the silt.  It is pitted and chipped, but the colours are as bright as ever and it is now a part of my ‘creek marble’ collection. Seed pods and moss in the woods.  I love that moss is such a stunningly bright green. I am sketching a specific item each day this month as part of the Creative Bug and Lisa Congdon class ‘January Drawing Challenge’.  Day 8 was ‘Draw a Cat’ day. Just the right time of day to catch some shadows on the wall. Day 10 of the January Drawing Challenge was mushrooms. As you know, I have a thing for photo’ing pretty much any mushroom I see, so those photos came in handy here! Happy Monday, I hope you have a fab week ahead!