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D.I.Y. Doodle Card

I had to send some parcels to my Aunty and my cousin this week, and I wanted to pop in a card to say ‘Hi’, so naturally I decided to make them. To start with I grabbed some postcard size colored card stock from our local art store.  I made sure the cards were bold in colour because I knew I was going to try out my white Gelly Roll pen for the design.  Now, Gelly Rolls and I have not got on very well in the past because I have never been able to get a nice line with them, they have always had a tendency to jump and give an uneven line.  I don’t mind an uneven line to a certain extent, but these looked like I had made a drawing with corrector fluid.  But I have seen such lovely things made using the dreaded Gelly Roll that decided to give them another go.  Success!  I don’t know if it was the paper surface (these cards are ultra smooth) or I just had …

I made a softie teacup and saucer!

  I read about  Softies for Mirabel a few months ago and decided that I wanted to make a toy to mail over to Australia to help out.   The problem was that I couldn’t decide what to make.  A doll?  An animal?  No, let’s make a mug of tea was my first thought.  This soon evolved in my crafty brain into a cup and saucer set. How do I make a teacup and saucer I thought.  I planted the idea in my head and let it grow a little bit, made a couple of sketches on random pieces of paper and got started. I am a very ‘trial and error’ soft toy maker, no pattern, just an idea, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine! The cup had to be fastened to the saucer so they didn’t lose each other, so I made a fabric ribbon and attached it to the cup and the saucer leaving it long enough for tea time play. The handle on the cup took me an age to …

Pom Pom Acorns

Acorns and leaves and mushrooms and pumpkins. All lovely Autumn things along with apples and chilly night-times and sunny days. What better way to celebrate than with a slice of pumpkin bread, a rosemary syrup latte and a cute pom pom acorn or two! I had some big acorn cups hanging around (as you do) and I decided to make some mini pom poms to create little fluffy acorns.   To start I made little pom poms using the smallest maker I have which makes poms about 4cm across.  I trimmed them into an acorn shape keeping them the right size for the acorn cups.  You can trim them down as small as you need, just be careful not to cut it in half!   I used liquid glue around the inside of the acorn and popped the pom pom acorn in.  Ta Dah!  Pom pom acorns.  Why not make lots for a lovely Autumnal display?

Pom poms in the Springtime!

Yesterday I made a few pom poms with my new pom pom makers and I can’t believe how quick it is to make these little fluffy cuties with a proper ‘maker’!  I feel like a cheat, but I am sure I will get over that.  So. Darn. Quick.  Hurrah.  I am actually thinking that a pom pom rug might not take the rest of my life now! Anyway, less rugs, more Spring. I made some little Springtime critters and of course some carrots for them to eat. I started with a pile of pom poms all ready to sew together. Here’s how. To make the carrots, I made three poms in graduating sizes and them sewed them together.  I made a very loose pom pom with green wool and cut it unevenly and sewed it on the bigger end to make the carrot leaves.  I trimmed them a little to get a better carrot shape, but not much.  Now we need a bunny to eat the carrots. The bunny is two pom poms, one big, …

Things to do with a cauliflower

Today I am linking up with Heike to have a little chat as part of her ‘But it Tasted Good’ series.  I picked on the cauliflower to see how it tastes good and what else we can do with it! Cauliflower is an ace vegetable, it looks cool and to think of all the things you can do with one. Cauliflower and cheese. Always a good dish, with slightly crunchy steamed cauli and a lovely cheese sauce made with flour and butter and milk and cheese. Extra cheese on the top with a few sliced almonds and a good toast to get the top all crunchy.  This is definitely going to taste good. Raw with dips. I like the sound of raw crunchy white mini trees to dip in some home made salsa or a yoghurt dip, but raw cauliflower really isn’t often a good option for me. I don’t dislike it, but I think it dislikes me as it gives me a stomach ache. So even though it tastes good, we can’t be veggie …

How to make a Pom Pom Carrot

Pom pom carrot!  I know, a pom pom carrot sounds bonkers and of course it is.  So what else to do, but to make one. Here’s how. Make three pom poms in graduating sizes, I used a cereal packet to cut my pom pom bases out and increased the size of each circle by 2cm each time, ending up with  4cm, 6cm and 8cm discs.  I used orange fluffy wool but any orange wool will be great. For the leafy top, I loosely wrapped some green wool around my hand a few times in an uneven manner and tied it like a pom pom and trimmed open the ends.  Almost like a very loose freeform pom pom. Sew them together using the wool already on the pom, include the ‘leaves’ as you sew the three together. Fresh from the pom pom garden!  Now where is the pea green wool…… Have fun making pom pom veg and don’t forget to tell me what you made in the comments!

Whatcha doin’?

We have been experimenting and spraying beads gold and watching lots of ‘Wild Kratts’ this week as my smallest has been sick. I have been keeping up with the A Beautiful Mess 30 day self portrait challenge on Instagram, it has been a tricky one, I mean not much changes from day to day! It does force creativity though, so I have enjoyed that so far. I am at day 23, nearly done. This experiment came from the new ‘Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids’ book. I was lucky enough to get a copy at the New York Alt summit and I have to say it is chock full of great crafts and experiments. Lots of ‘what a great idea, why didn’t I think of that’ ideas. For this one, you just fill a jar with clear water. In a separate bowl mix one tablespoon of vegetable oil with drops of food coloring (we didn’t have red, which I bet looks cool). Mix up the oil and colour and pour onto the water. It just …

Sun prints revisited

We are getting into the sun prints this summer. Might as well put the scorching sun to good use! The prints we made last week have been made into new pictures with the help of me, some markers and my eight year old son! As we finished drawing on the original prints, Bodhi told me he had already put some more items out to ‘print’! What projects have you got up your sleeve for the summer holidays?