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4/52 Weekly Photos

February is only a week away.  Phew hold onto 2014, it is flying by!  Are you managing to keep up? I am keeping up with a few new things which I am pleased about. A new thing I found over at Hula Seventy was the weekly colour photo join-in-along with Xanthe.   Last week was Red, so here are my red photos.  I like red as a highlight colour, red boots, red bracelet or red hair, not so much an all over colour. I don’t like red pens at all, not even as a method of highlighting.  I will only use a red pen if I need to draw a red something, a poppy or a heart.  Never never never for writing or communicating, too aggressive on the page for my liking. Maybe too much of a flashback from school homework marking, red pen all over the place.  Positive or negative, all red pen.  Green pens would have been be a way more pleasant way to communicate especially on kids homework.  I wonder if I …


New. These beads are new and I am so happy with the colours. I usually have a pretty good idea of the colours I am ordering so I don’t get a nasty suprise. Sometimes when there is an unusual finish on the glass it can be spectacular or spectacularly awful! I have to say that I was hopping with joy when I saw these gorgeous colours. Love love love them and I can’t wait to use them to make new jewels! More new.  Books, DVDs and a CD from the library, new to me, but borrowed for a couple of weeks.  I have to say I am almost always impressed with a trip to the library, so many resources and bang up to date.  What to do first, make something, bake something, read, listen or watch?